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konga123 Mar 20, 2004 07:31 PM

Refined version of the [URL=***********]FAQ[/URL] .



[URL=********]P-GEN (Sega Genesis)[/URL]



[URL=********]PS2Reality Media Player[/URL]

[B]Useful links[/B]

[url]***********[/url] - Patches & Utilities.

[url]***********[/url] - Patches & Utilities.

[url]***********[/url] - Information on releases.

[url]********[/url] - Region conversion patches (PAL2NTSC.

[url]***********[/url] - Rip kits.

[B]Forum Links[/B]

[URL=***********]Winning Eleven Topics[/URL]

[URL=***********]What version is my PS2?[/URL]

[URL=***********]Previous FAQ[/URL]

[B]Recommended Drives & applications[/B]

[URL=***********,,2076_17573091_48224579,00.html]Pioneer DVR-A07[/URL]

*All other Pioneer Drives.
(i.e. A06, A05, A04, etc)

[URL=***********]RecordNow MAX[/URL] - Great program.

[URL=***********]RecordNow MAX[/URL] [URL=***********]Alcohol 120%[/URL] - Another great program.

[B]Requirements[/B] - Easiest setup.
PS2 Console
Modchip (Such as the Messiah2, or the [URL=***********]DMS3[/URL].
- A modchip is installed into the PS2 Console in order to boot backups (copied games) or other homebrew applications (such as the Media Player, emulators, etc). But be warned, in most cases a modchip will void your warranty, [B]so be careful![/B]

konga123 Mar 20, 2004 07:49 PM

[B]Burning PS2 Games[/B]

[I]Straight Burning[/I]
Buring straight copies of PS2 games is quite simple, but first you're going to need a few things.
1. Make sure you have a DVD/CD Burner installed in your computer.
2. Make sure you have a burning application installed, such as [URL=***********]RecordNow MAX[/URL] or [URL=***********]Alcohol 120%[/URL].
3. Ensure you use quality media, such as Ritek or Princo (Princo A Grade will work fine on almost all consoles burnt at a slow speed).
4. Burn at slow speeds! - avoid using 'On the fly'.
5. In some cases, depending on your console you may need to patch the ISO's in order to boot.
6. Have fun.

When ripping full DVDs of games, you are obviously going to need a DVD-Rom drive to first read the disc.

Most games whic can be ripped, have already made Rip-Kits available - which include user-friendly Graphical Interfaces, (very simple to use) and usualy include instructions.

One site to obtain all the latest rip kits is:

konga123 Mar 20, 2004 09:58 PM


[B]Can my console play CD/DVD-RW discs?[/B]
In most cases the answer is no, but everybody's console is unique, I suggest trying for yourself.

[B]Can I play PS2 Games on my computer?[/B]
There are applications which apparently allow you to play demos, but in short the answer is no.

[B]What's the best brand of CD/DVD-R?[/B]
Your console is unique, I suggest testing brands for differences in noises & play, however most people vouch for Verbatim CD-R & Ritek DVD-R.

[B]What is the Diagnosis feature on my console?[/B]
The diagnosis feature was implemented for the use of watching movies, it is meant to update the consoles DVD Drivers accordingly to fix any problems with specific movies.

[B]Help! I have forgotten the parental lock code[/B]
At the request screen, simply press 'Select' and type in 7444
to override the previous code.

[B]Will modifying my console really void my warranty?[/B]
Yes, as soon as you remove the warranty sticker on the back of your console, your warranty is void.

[B]Will playing backups ruin my laser?[/B]
In the long run, playing CD-R rips will shorten the life-span of your laser, however in most cases this won't happen for 1-2 years.

[B]What do I need to play online?[/B]
A Sony [URL=***********]Network Adapter[/URL], an internet connection & an online game.

[B]Can I play backups online using my Network Adapter?[/B]
All new games have a protection known as DNAS, (which looks for a modchip, or a copied disc) which does prevent backups from being played online. However a work-around is still in progress for this. (For more information on the work around [URL=***********]Click here[/URL])

[B]What is DNAS?[/B]
Basically it's a protection which looks for the disc ID (which cannot be copied) & any bios alterations. (such as a modchip) - If there's any fault it doesn't allow the game online.

Lindsey321 Mar 21, 2004 01:42 PM

[b]What is the best Modchips right now?[/b]

[b]Do I need Network Adapter To use GSMP?[/b]
Yes you do

[b]What is the size of a regular PS2 HDD?[/b]

[b]Is playing PS2 backup games that we don't own is illegal?[/b]

more to come.

konga123 Mar 21, 2004 03:01 PM

You don't a modchip per say, but you either need that or to replace the entire case and use boot discs, or exploits or other ways which I don't recommend for a newbie :)

(now lets have no more discussion in the FAQ please, one of the reasons I'm trying to refine it - was far too messy)

konga123 Apr 16, 2004 07:51 PM

[B]PS2 Accessory Stores[/B]

[URL=***********]Lik-Sang - Great site that lists a large variety of products for your console.[/URL]

[URL=***********]Best Buy[/URL]

[I](As there is no longer a BST-Section around)[/I]

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