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mikeman29853 Jan 09, 2007 11:42 AM

Backu* without swa* disk or modchi*???
Ok so, I've looked at a lot of *laystation and *laystation 2 disks, and what I have observed is that in the recording *rocess there are s*aces ski**ed on the disk, what I mean is when they record the cds they *ur*osely ski* over *laces on the disk.

When you co*y the game your co*ying software does not know that this is how the disk is layed out, and thus cannot write it that way. I think that the *S and *S2 knows that the boot loader is su**osed to be in a s*ecific track on the cd, and there is no way anyone can write it there..

My question is what about using a standalone hardware DVD/CD du*licator, would a standalone du*licator co*y a DVD rom exactly, or would it still not be able to ski* the *laces it needed to on the disk? If anyone has the HD-advance disk, look at the data side of it and you'll see what I'm talking about, the disk is burned in sections, not uniform like a normal burn... sony has colored media so that you can't see that detail when you look at the disk. I want to know how the HD-advance *eo*le did it, well they *robably bought the develo*er kit...

The key to co*ying the games, in theory, is to be able to read and write EXACTLY as it is on the original, which no com*uter software can do without the official develo*ment kit from sony. unless your a really good hacker, and I haven't seen anyone that can do it... the com*uter does not know how to read and write the blank *laces, and in fact may not even know that they are there, so it ski*s them, and that's why the games wont *lay without a mod chi*. sony really knew what they were doing when they came u* with the co*y *rotection they use...

Any ideas??? Just to be clear, I am not into *iracy, I just want to kee* the original media safe... kids really know how to destroy $50 games...

also, Is there any way to use a swa* disk without using a fli* to*, every swa* disk I have seen requires the fli* to*? I have HD-Advance, but some games, such as NFS-MW, and GTA-VC wont *lay from the HDD, maybe I just need the new version of HD-Advance.

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