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rabby2 Jan 07, 2003 12:15 PM

I.t Career - Looking For Advice
looking for advice here , it may not be very realistic for me to seek a career in IT but its something im interested in , my trade is a precision engineer although currently i work for a company that overhauls aircraft engines so i have no qualifications for IT .
I want to train for another career preferrably in IT however i am 33 yrs old married and have 2 kids so i cant afford to take time from work as im the earner in my household .
I have seen ads in the paper about learning from home etc , one was called computeach and the other was [url][/url] , are these training courses a farce or are they worth considering ?
Is it possible to train at night school for IT ? Are there any other ways of training that i dont know of and are there any grants or loans available for this kind of thing .

I reallly need to end up earning 25K+ a year so im unsure what the pay is in IT but some ideas on what areas would pay this would be great .

So if it does not seem realistic for me to pursue a career in IT under my circumstances please say so or if you can give me any tips or advice i would greatly appreciate it .

I hope the mods dont mind me posting this as it is computer related , i just wanna change in career as im not happy with the one i have although i should be grateful i have a decent job at the moment .

Are there other ways of seeking career advice ?

rabby2 Jan 08, 2003 02:17 PM


DIABLO Jan 08, 2003 02:38 PM

Since the .com bubble burst i have heard that I.T jobs are very scarce and wahta jobs there are go to the expeienced people.

Nuttapper Jan 08, 2003 03:09 PM

The tech support we use has a VERY high staff turn over and I'm told the pay is quite poor as they have little experience, but need to start some where.

Your talking about trying to do two jobs really whilst training; and being there for your family. Two to three hours an evening isn't gonna get you trained up in a short space of time to compete against the school leavers who go straight into colleage for three years with a grant cos there still livin at the parents house, you'd have to asses the amount of study that could be carried out in an evening course against that of a full time course. Also you need to have a look in your local papers and phone the IT jobs up that are advertised, see what their looking for, ask the questions from the people who are doing the employing. your proberbly not going to qualify for a grant yourself as you have a reasonably paid job now anyway..

All the answers would be found from a quick visit to the job centre, they'd be able to help you on peeps who have been found placements and the levels of skills and qualifications needed. Presision engineering would be a complete change to IT in terms of a career unless its in an electronics field?

andyclarke365 Jan 08, 2003 03:49 PM

hi mate, try and pick up some of the training cds on the bst secure site, they take you through the microsoft courses. Most companys now use the microsoft products so try to learn about these, also our company use lotus notes email, so that could be useful as well. Wage depends on where you are in the country. If you decide to go through with it, Good Luck, there is some think users out there!!

Khobar Jan 08, 2003 03:58 PM

It seems I was in much the same situation as you - working in aircraft engine overhaul, married, 3 kids. Difference was I was made redundant.
As part of my redundancy package I took an MCSE course.
Found it a bit of a struggle to get through quickly (needing a job and income a.s.a.p). Qualified but....... there's just no jobs in my area (S.E Wales) and what there are are worse paid than my old job. If you can get into the service sector i.e NHS, Police, MOD etc you seem to have a better chance of progressing.
Me? I went back into aircraft and my new found talents are absolutely worthless as I just use Word & Excel. Lol. Still, I've got letters after my name.

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