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paulcharles1 Jan 19, 2005 10:57 AM

ps2 Slim and Swap MAgic 3.3 and plastic mod tools
Ive got the ps2 slim, swap magic3.3 and the mod tools
All installed ok
However, the first game i have backed up doesnt seem to work in the ps2 with swap magic
keeps saying "Not a valid Ps2 disc"
thing is, it also says that if i try to load an original
Any ideas?
I used Nero to make a backup, then tried alcohol....
Backed up Smackdown-here comes the pain
Appreciate any feedback at all

mimiety1 Feb 01, 2005 10:20 PM

I have just recieved my swap magic 3.3 for my version 12 slimline, and most game work fine like gta san andreas, prince of persia 2, nba live 2005, but some games like star wars battlefront wont load up, maybe media , or may need fix. go to swapmagic official web site and do some reading in the faq and fixes are you may find your answer, for me i have 2 other modded ps2s and not worth the trouble. :wavey:

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