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one4daroad Jun 18, 2005 10:08 PM

Psone: mod vs. ps-x-change 2?
Hello everyone. I recently purchased a new psone for my kids and I am debating on wheter to get it modded or to purchase a ps-x-change 2 disc from Does anyone have info. on the ps-x-change 2. Is it easy to use? Does it hurt the unit in the long run? Which do you prefer. Thanks for any info..


NateV Jun 20, 2005 08:39 AM

The ps-x-change should work fine, but you'd be better off getting it modded. Not every game will work well with the ps-x-change, and sometimes hunting down codes/patches is a pain. If you have the option, definitely go with a mod.

Jta553 Jun 29, 2005 08:48 PM

Yeah, i agree, you can get Mod chips for under $30 these days. and im not a very big fan of disc swapping. its just another disc to get scratched.


Cobra Aug 05, 2005 01:02 PM

take a look at Breaker Pro boot disc its by the same ppl as swap magic.
Breaker Pro will run ps1 games on a ps1 & a ps2.

now ps-x-change will only do ps1 for ps1.

if you get a boot disc you will need it trick the ps1/ps2 in to thinking
the top is shut all the time (you can use tape to do this)

okslick Oct 10, 2005 07:23 AM

PS2 ps-x-change Method that WORKS!!
First off although my post says newbie ignore that because im no newbie more of a Veteran than a Veteran so just trust me on that one...
ok onto the gusto:

PS2 ps-x-change Method that WORKS!!:

First off you need a PS2 with a Fliptop... if not then your out of gas!
I use the NTSC PS-X-CHANGE 1.0 and i know what your thinking no way but yes JOSE so bare with me... (Although my guess is the PS-X-CHANGE 2 should theoretically function just as great since your only using it for its initial boot sequence)... ok:

Open the Fliptop, Insert the NTSC PS-X-CHANGE 1.0 disc and close the lid obviously and wait only for the psone logo to appear on the screen right after this and while the PS-ONE LOGO is displayed on the screen REMOVE the PS-X-CHANGE 1.0 DISC RAPIDLY without letting it complete its cycle making sure you've removed it right at the psone logo screen...
after inserting the NTSC PS-X-CHANGE 1.0 disc and the PS-ONE LOGO appearing on the screen QUICKLY open the fliptop QUICKLY Grab the NTSC PS-X-CHANGE 1.0 disc gently so as not to scratch it or mess it up since you don't want to bamboozle it or mess it up but while bringing it (only the disc itself to a complete stop).
Make sure while doing this that you do not stop the central spinning spindle mechanism from spinning and instead only and just only the NTSC PS-X-CHANGE 1.0 disc as i stated CAREFULLY but QUICKLY now just as IMMEDIATELY rapidly insert any psone cdr game MAKE SURE the game is inserted correctly since the central spinning mechanism will still be spinning during this process CLOSE THE FLIPTOP QUICKLY BUT EASILY WITHOUT SLAMMING OR SLAPPING IT DOWN HARD and after a few moments your game will play perfectly fine with NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER ... Every Game i tested this way WORKED 100%!!
BOY it was a blast to play "THRILL KILL" again... BEEGIINNNN !!!:)

WHY? Because the PS2 will READ the NTSC PS-X-CHANGE 1.0 disc's initial TOC size and its initial boot sequence from the PS-X-CHANGE disc and will use this information to in turn properly boot any PS-ONE CDR BASED GAME that is immediately inserted thinking it is legit by being fooled into using the proper initial boot sequence and TOC size of the PSXCHANGE to load the PS-ONE CDR GAME immediately fooling the PS2 into thinking THAT THE CDR GAME INSERTED IS THE REST OF THE SAME DISC or followup sequence to PSXCHANGE.

PROVIDING YOU'D STICK EXACTLY TO EVERYTHING I'VE SAID YOU'LL SEE WORKS 100% EVERYTIME FOR BOOTING PS-ONE CDR GAMEs on your PS2 and has been tried and tested by myself so for those of you with a Fliptop although it may be a little bit of an inconvenience IT REALLY WORKS LIKE A CHARM EACH AND EVERY TIME!!
One last thing this all has to be done as quickly & fluently as possible while being as careful as possible so as to preserve both your PSXCHANGE BOOT DISC but also your CDR Games and providing you heed to this you'll playing CDR Games on your PS2 each and everytime like a champ!! :)

Glad 2 Help..OKSLICK :)

Insomniac Oct 10, 2005 07:51 PM

Gee, is that all you have to do? :laugh:

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