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CousinFizz Apr 23, 2002 07:36 PM

Using Game files, winRAR and CDRwin. Why doesn't it work?
This is what I've done but there are still no .bin and .cue files. I don't understand. This is suppose to work but in my time at this it's only worked once...

Please tell me what to do so I can understand... In simple terms since I'm not up on all the jargen.

I've done this, First I got the D/L (game) from a source (easynews)... Next I have the game in a folder with all the files numbered out 001 thru 040 and 041 thru 080 in another folder. (In this case the game is 2 discs or about 585megs in a zip file each.) Both have 2 other files at the top of the list, very small...

Now I take winRAR and click on the zip file and extract it to a folder I sat up on my desktop. (2 folders on my desktop for each disc) I extracted both files to 2 different folders. Now this is where the problem comes. I go to the extracted files (or folders) on each and all I have are winRAR archives...

I use CDRwin to get to the .cue sheet and they are NOT there... Why? I've had this problem alot lately and I just can't come up with what I need to burn the files with. It worked once like I said and I did the same thing as I did here, at least that's what I thought I did. This is what the walkthroughs tell you to do but each time I end up throwing the files (zips) away and trying again.

I checked the files and there are no problems with them. Am I doing something wrong? I've even looked for the .bin to burn that but again it's not in the folder after the extraction. I'm at the end of myself on this and any help would be of great importance... I just can't seem to get it together here. (and it seems so simple in theory) Thanks in advance, CFizz....... :(

And again make you advice super simple since I keep having the same problems again and again...... Take care......

The game is 'Spiderman The Movie' btw........

CousinFizz Apr 24, 2002 04:32 AM

Anyone out there having the same problems with winRAR and CDRwin? Please let me know what you did... Thanks again......

perkin916 Apr 24, 2002 08:56 AM

Are you getting any error messages or anything?
Exactly when do you realise it hasn't worked?
When you select the files for extraction, can you see the bin file in the WinRAR window?
Try keeping all files in one folder.

I'm at work just now, but I'll check back later.

Stick at it - it becomes easy eventually.


Jaegermeister2k Apr 24, 2002 09:01 AM

Dude you can't put 041-080 in another folder.If you do this the game will extract only untill 040,and it'll be missing the rest.The cue sheet only extracts once ALL the files are extracted,meaning you have to extract from 001-080.If there are 2 discs,the next disc will start with 001 too obviously.So what you have there is probably just one disc,Or they're both in the same file.Anyway,You CANNOT under any circumstances seperate the 001-040 from the 041-080.

perkin916 Apr 24, 2002 03:38 PM

kal-spid is 24 rar files (1 CD). What are your file names?
Let us know how you get on CF.

CousinFizz Apr 25, 2002 03:49 AM

Very strange indeed... I was watching a movie, Iron Monkey, and just thought to myself tonight that I can't be putting those files in 2 different folders! Then I come on here and see a confirmation to that very fact. I don't know what the heck I was thinking... Anyway there are about 6 or 7 more rars to add to the rars I have so I'll put them all together and let you know what happens. Thanks for the input.

But again in the past I've had nothing but problems doing this. The .bin is not visible at all at any time and I get No errors at all... Thanks again. CFizz

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