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dongato May 27, 2002 02:31 PM

How do I unclip the front door of the disc drive?
I have a V5/V6 PS2 and want to try the cog swap method, in order to do that I have to unclip the front door of the disc drive.

Does anyone have a tutorial/pictures that explain how to do this?, I went to ************ and they have a good tutorial, but the pictures are very blurry and I don't want to brake anything.

Thank you.

Int3g_Type_R May 27, 2002 03:55 PM

i forgot who posted it, but if you hold a hair dryer to the sides of the dust cover for a few minutes, its MUCH easier to pull apart the tabs without breaking them. much props to the one who posted it!

Vyse May 27, 2002 04:13 PM

well what i did was have two small sized screwdrivers and then slide one on each side and let is stick there and then use your other hand to pull out the cover slowly. that havent tried that hair dryer method but im sure itll proly work as well because the pastic will proly be more elastic.

ssjgoku4ever May 27, 2002 06:45 PM

V5/V6 will NOT work w/ knife trick

Int3g_Type_R May 27, 2002 09:33 PM

only the ones with the plastic bar covering the opening. some do not have it

Anarchy May 28, 2002 10:09 AM

I made a tutorial on the whole knife trick thing but got a little stick from member's of the board so I decided to only send it to a few people, anyway here's some instructions: credits to X_caliber

Note:] Please read over this a few times so that you fully understand it.

Power on your PS2 and press the EJECT button, now turn the PS2 off from the power switch at the back and disconnect everything. Turn your PS2 upside down so that you are looking at the bottom of the tray. [Please take care not to put pressure on the tray from these steps and onwards] You should see a small screw (top left corner) which holds a rod onto the tray. Remove this screw and you will have access to one of the tabs. Now use a toothpick or small screwdriver and pop out the tab on that side. Once you have done this side, you should be able to carefully remove the other side. Now put the screw back on, making sure the rod is under it. You have now removed the dust cover without causing any damage to your PS2!

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