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tamara101 Jun 25, 2006 01:04 PM

a challenge ,but also a leap forward
Recently , Reuters in Britain and New York Time in America reported ,almost at the same time that Microsoft is well on the way of developing a brand-new digital entertainment gadget , a heavy blow to Mac’s iPod and iTune services. And the man in charge of this grand task is Robbie Bach, once presiding over Xbox development.

In Reuters’ report, quoting a insider up on the developing plan,that software tycoon Microsoft is secretly developing a kind of digital gadget which integrates both audio and video player functions. And its target consumer bank is those who are now using iPod and its corresponding service provider iTune system. The source of this report also pointed out that just not long ago, Microsoft has made some initial contacts with the American entertainment industry,and set out to some high-rank executives the showpiece of their product still in its infant stage.

A more straightforward New York Time put the news this way that they’ve gotten veritable information from an expert on the scene of Microsoft’s show of their product during a closed-door meeting that in some aspects of technology side Microsoft’s new product is well more advanced than iPod and iTune. Adding fuel to this hot news is that Microsoft did have the intention to ink some cooperation contracts with such big recorders as Warner Bros Music and Epic Records .

Well, the big question to be answered is whether this iPod terminator also direct its fire toward Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s NDS. Neither media mentioned in its report whether Microsoft’s new gadget also has the game function. But as many insiders expect, penetrating into the portable game player market is a definite choice of the big guy.

The ambience of the digital market is heating up ,while we ,as consumers should benefit most from this tech war. In another part of this digital world, what we are concerned about is the formats these products support, we certainly favor a gear supporting more formats, thus exempting us from the chore of conversion between different formats. But at least up to now, I’ve always using xilisoft iPod video converter to help me convert AVI ,MPEG and many other unsupported files into the one my iPod supports.Though the soft is easy to use , there is still a bit of time I have to spend. Hopefully Microsoft will bring about some breakthrough. :tup:

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