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beefrh Aug 04, 2009 07:48 PM

pc games converted to xbox games is this possible?
i was wondering if anyone on here knows how to easily convert older pc games into xbox games
madden 2002 pc which is totaly customizable created teams logos etc usfl ,xfl.cfl ,the original house of the dead,
maximum football
elf bowling etc..
there are alot of good games small enough that should'nt mess with the standard 64 bits of memory of the xbox

beefrh Aug 05, 2009 04:12 PM

madden 02 pc to xbox
just an update on my findings
the 2002 pc version of madden which is leaps and bounds over the console version for the simple fact that you can run customized leagues and franchises on it may be doable on the xbox ..
how do you say
well the pc version requirements are 64 megs of ram which the xbox has
and the processor requirements are a p-2 or equivalent ..
can anyone assist me on getting this version converted to the xbox ??
any help is greatly appreciated ..
thank you

mytony Aug 30, 2011 09:28 PM

I just play online games. I like wow rift,star wars.

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