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CousinFizz Jul 07, 2002 12:50 AM

Can someone clear the air about copyright laws on backups for me?
The problem I'm having at the moment is this... (And I know Japan just went through this.)

Take EB or someone like them, they have used games... The problem I see here with the used games is that the copyright holder does NOT make any money on that transaction, (when you buy the used game) right? So what is wrong with coping a used game even if you don't have the original? (or get rig of the original) The copyright holder doesn't make the money either way if a person buys a used game or copies one, (or backs it up that is)...

Also my website may have to close because of some of the language found in these laws and I for one don't want to break any copyright laws... (So if you are looking for my site in the future it may be closed because it may lead others into breaking the law accourding to what I've read and studied out. So to be safe, don't copy games without the original!)

Please understand, I'm not trying to justify coping copyrighted games with this guestion all I'm asking is what is the difference? (And then there is the issue of Rentals.) It's a little confusing... I think there may be a loop hole here but not accourding to the law which is stated here.....


Thanks for any input..... :round:

sfetaz Jul 07, 2002 01:28 AM

I think the issue with a used game is that the original transaction already took place for the new game. In that purchase the game maker got their money and nothing else matters. When a game is sold back to a merchant that license to own that game is simply transfered to the store. They then sell the game at a lower cost to a different person, and the license is simply transfered to them. The idea of legally making backups has to do with who has the legal license of ownership of the game.

CousinFizz Jul 07, 2002 02:46 AM

Ok, that makes since and that's most likely how Japan finally got to sell used games then. It was illegal there up until recently...

Then the question comes in, how do all these newsgroups and iMIRC get by? I mean if it's illegal and all... I suppose they already assume you own the original even though they never state that you have to.

I guess I'll be buying used games in the future.... cya....... :cool:

thejikifreak Jul 07, 2002 02:58 AM

Well just remember, if you make that copy, and you get rid of the used game, its still illegal. Because you DONT own the original.

CousinFizz Jul 07, 2002 03:57 AM

Yes, that is very true....

With all the conflicting info on the web and in mags it's no wonder ppl are confused... You have all these CDRW's and DVDRW's and all the coping done with them. Then you have the makers telling you it's alright to make copies and play them. Heck, I even saw a music company promoting personal coping. I just don't get it. (And a cable ISP saying it's ok the burn music as well.)

Then you have the Newsgroups and iMIRC promoting coping on all their files. It's difficult but again I think the link above is pretty cut and dry.

And now I'm reading an article just now about a new Sony and HP DVD burner... ah, what?? :hdspin: :round: :hdspin: :round: :hdspin: :zombie:

konga123 Jul 07, 2002 07:35 AM

Yeah but if you sold the game after you made a copy one could "argue" that the orignal got cracked:) - Now they can't do anything about that, since that is the General purpose of making 'backups' is it not? incase the orignal gets recked, now if you got a cracked in half are not going to hang onto it to prove to EA that you bought the game:rolleyes:


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