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alexnikle Feb 03, 2010 10:14 PM

How to Convert RMVB to AVI freely?
[b]How to convert RMVB to AVI with Leawo RMVB to AVI Video Converter[/b]
RMVB videos are everywhere available on the internet. You can easily get some and have them converted to AVI format in order to edit them in many video editing softwares. Leawo [url=***********][b]RMVB to AVI Video Converter[/b] is a reliable RMVB to AVI converter. You can enjoy flexible output with a low learning curve. This guide will get you started on the course of converting RMVB to AVI with Leawo Free RMVB to AVI Converter within a few minutes. Extra features and advanced settings are gathered in Leawo RMVB to AVI Converter Pro.

First, you should have Leawo Free [url=***********][b]RMVB to AVI Converter[/b] downloaded and installed. It is a green and friendly program, run without problems on NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7. The setup program provides an additional option for the pro trial version of Leawo RMVB to AVI Video Converter so that you can learn more about the professionalism of Leawo video solutions.

Second, the response is fast in this program. With all functions clearly displayed, it is very unlikely that you can get lost in them. As the user's convenience is highly respected, a very handy shortcut is that one can directly drag the files in. You can manipulate the order by simply dragging the list entry to wherever you want it to be.
An interesting and useful feature is by double clicking on the video file name will the video play on the preview window on the right. You can even take a snap of the video while previewing.
Leawo [url=***********][b]RMVB to AVI[/b] Video Converter has optimized the key settings and packed them into the AVI output profiles. You will see 5 general profiles with different codec approaches. There are tips under each profile to give you a picture of what it does. Some popular mobile phones and PMPs can also benefit from the convenience of the optimized profiles as can be seen on the menu. You can even rip audio from video in Leawo RMVB to AVI Video Converter, too.

Finally, one simple click on the Start button and the program begins to process the files one after another. Click the "Open" button to check the newly converted files.

These are all steps about how to [url=***********][b]convert rmvb to avi[/b] with Leawo Video Converter.
Here you can free download Leawo Free [url=***********][b]AVI Converter[/b].
Or you can also try Leawo [url=***********][b]Video Converter[/b] freely here.
For mac user, this is Leawo Free [url=***********][b]MAC Video Converter[/b].

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