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player707 Feb 10, 2008 03:18 PM

old skool xbox help
i ahve an original modded xbox and i know its old i ahve a wii now but i would like to use my old modded xbox for emulators. i dont no what chip i have. i downlaoded zsnexbox 3.3 and put my roms in the rom folder . i check the .ini file it was perfect so i made zsnexbox 3.3 into an xbox iso using qwix. i opened up my imgburn i burn my iso to a cdrw at 4x didnt work tried 2x didnt work tried 1x didnt work and my iso was 150mb so why wont my modded xbox read my disc please reply fast

wooskie1 Feb 29, 2008 12:04 AM

load evo-x should have the emulators built in it ..........

MrNeighbors Apr 11, 2008 12:22 PM

xbox probs
If I were you. i'd hunt down a copy of mech assault of 007 AUF
or splinter cell PT
and use Krayzies NDURE installer
I use my old xboxen.... xboxen right? as media streamers . it's really simple to do a softmod like that and there's no point in going all out for a chip this day and age. you'll need a crossover cable though, or a way to ftp. also a memory card.

player707 Apr 17, 2008 09:26 PM

i heared about that and i have a chip already in my xbox and i might as well use it, this is xbox is obiously like 4 years old. i guess i try to load evo-x or use a different burning methode with nero burning rom that i heard about

zaa Jun 21, 2008 05:49 AM

you may not be directing the xbox to the right place when making the iso.

I had this trouble when making emulator dvd's ... the XBE file (if you grabbed the emu from the web) will normally be set to C: of F:... and obviously the dvd rom (where the files will be) is D: ... simply edit/check the emulator .ini file is directing to the right place and re-burn....

alternatively install the emus to your hdd... even with the original xbox hdd you should be room for several emulators and romsets. As said above if you use evo-x it will setup all the files required, and if you are complacent with FTP'ing just look at the structure and edit it yourself if the emulators you want aren't included...

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