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agent1966 Aug 25, 2002 10:04 PM

Case of the Disapearing CD rom drive [IBM; Aptiva; win95b]
Well I'm trying to help our a friend. He stated that his CD rom drive didn't work anymore. I figured, the drive just hit the bricks and that we'd swap out the the drive and that'd be it. You know what?!!.........anh ah.

The OS just doesn't not recognize a cd rom drive. I've looked into the bios settings to ensure that the secondary IDE controller was enable. It was, although it dodn't recognize the CD rom drive as being what it was attached to.

I'm starting to believe that the controller may be out. This is a pretty old PC. It's a 266MHZ machine. An IBM Aptiva.

Anyone have any ideas?! I'm propabably leaving a few things out here, since I'm in a hurry, but I wanted to get this question up ASAP, to see if any of you had some good ideas as to what could be causing this.

Thanks in advance?!


Hoss Aug 26, 2002 12:10 AM

Ummm two things to check... first boot into Safe Mode go to Device Manager and make sure all CD Drives are removed.. reboot
With Win98/ME/95 sometimes it is neccesary to install drivers for the drive, check the Man's website for those.

Try installing on Primary IDE as Slave to HD, see if that makes a diff.

jasev Aug 27, 2002 06:38 AM

if the bios hasn't picked the cd drive up then windows never will,if the bios has auto ide hdd detect then run this and then in the first bios option (top left option of the bios) look to see if it's picked the drive up.
even better is to not run the auto ndetect but just go into first bios option(the one with he time and date setings) and change all the 4 ide channels to auto.
now when your machine boots it will look for any drives that are connected.
make sure the cdrom drive has the correct jumper setting on it and if it's on the secondary channel on it's own and your using an ide cable that can run 2 drives then the end of the cable with the biggest gap between connectors is the one that plugs into the motherboard as it's quite easy to have the cable the wrong way around and then the drive can't be found.
hope it helps.

ps if you still can't get the cd drive to work because the bos can't pick it up then set the cd drive as slave by the jumper on the cd drive and connect it to the primary channel with the hard drive(make sure the hard drive is set as master) and if the bios picks the cd drive up then you the secondary ide channel may be no good and you can get an add on card or get a new motherboard as it's pointless spending money on an add on card if the motherboard is an old one. e.g slot 1,socket 7.

agent1966 Aug 29, 2002 02:07 PM

Thanks Hawk amd Jasev!!
I've been though the whole bios thing, I think I'm gooing to set it as the slave to the HD. If that works, we'll have our answer. A bad controller was where I was leaning to anyway.

You guys have a great (Insert Time of Day here!!)

agent1966 Aug 29, 2002 02:10 PM

Whoops!! I meant "Hoss" MHA

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