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beefrh Nov 13, 2008 11:08 PM

changing the.dat files for madden created teams and teams etc
i was wondering if anyone one here would offer some assistance on this attempt to breathe new life into an older sports title..
what i want to try and do is play as the defunct wfl,usfl, xfl, wlaf and cfl america instead of the normal teams in madden ..
all of the files in the xbox madden series of games are.DAT fils
except for the default xbe file used to run the game on xbox..
can anyone assist me in this ??
give me some pointers..
the pc guys have had the chance to mod madden for years !
i'd love to have this for the xbox!!
lets say i cant do this with the xbox versions of madden
would it be possible convert some of the pc versions to the xbox ??
thank you

beefrh Nov 21, 2008 09:02 PM

madden xbox
so can anyone give me some pointers on this topic??
any help would be appreciated
are there any programs out there that can open these .dat files??
is it possible to convert the pc version of madden to an xbox version??

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