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barracuda Jan 10, 2003 05:27 PM

Homemade LPCmod questions...XBox Live...yada, yada, yada
I'm thinking of having some PCB's made so I can make/sell my own LPC mods for XBox. I'm looking for answers to the following questions.

My Q's:
1) Is there a 256k BIOS available that will work with both version XBox's?
2) Are there any bigger SST chips that will work as an LPC mod and can have each 256k bank selectable?
3) Can an LPC mod be re-flashed via Evox and what extra wiring is needed, if any?
4) Is there any BIOS available that works 100% with XBox Live?
5) Is it possible to switch an LPC mod off to use XBox live with backups? And how?
6) Anyone know a good IC dealer in the US selling the SST49LF020 chips?

My main concern is just the ability to play backups and it would be awesome to have it work with XBox Live. I don't care to make them re-flashable in-circuit but if it is easy enough I would integrate it for those who want that. I would use a socketed chip so the IC could be replaced easily if it had a bad flash or if the user wanted to get a new IC with a newer BIOS.

Also, what other BIOS features do people really want/need?


moddogs Jan 10, 2003 07:36 PM

Let me know if you do these. I'd be interested in ones that have Xecuter 2 code as I would like V1 and V1.1 support on the same chip.

Actually email me and we'll talk.

barracuda Jan 20, 2003 03:59 PM

Anyone got any answers?? Really just need answers for 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6.

Moddogs, do you know what the size of the Xecutor 2 BIOS is?? I saw some info going around that it was 512k...I am assuming that it has 2 256k bios's on it and you have to switch between them depending which version XBox you have.

And how do your Evox chips work...are they LPC(~10 wires) or the full homebrew setup(~30 wires)?? If they are LPC, would you mind sharing how you switch them off??

Can anyone verify that Evox D.6 is 256k and works on both version XBox's in an LPC setup??

psibob84 Jan 20, 2003 05:25 PM

1) yes evox D6 and xecuter V4974 will both work with 1.0and1.1 consoles
2) ?
3) yes it can and no exta wiring is needed (although the chip info must be entered into the evox.ini file)
4) yes the original xbox bios
5) yes but i cant remember how excactly

Physco Jack Jan 20, 2003 06:48 PM

2) No the 020 is the only chip SST lpc chip that will work. Its due to a quirk in its design.

3) Need to tie pins 7 and 8 into chain of 3,4,5 etc.

5) yes, put a switch between the do link point.

6) Come on I am sure you can find an SST distibutor on the US.

barracuda Jan 21, 2003 01:26 PM

Thanks guys!

Hey Jack, can you elaborate a little?

2) Sounds good to me but how are there LPC mods out with banks of 512k and even 1M? And do you know if the "A" & "non-A" part #'s will work? The Cheapmod site is a little vague on that...

3) what do you mean by tying 7 & 8 to the 3,4,5 etc? Do you mean the 7 & 8 chain now go into the "9" chain(3,4,5 etc) during flashing? Because pin 7 & 8 from the chip are already tied to the "9" chain according to the cheapmod design.

5) So switching D0 back will disable the LPC and enable the original bios. Is it ok to hot switch it? Like load a backup, switch it and play the backup with the original bios on XBLive? Or when everyone says switch the BIOS, does that only apply to playing originals on XBLive?

6) I know some distributors but no one that stocks them...and usually you get hosed on price when you ask for a special order.

Another thing I was wondering is how that Xecutor BIOS manager that was released yesterday plans on being able to re-flash Cheapmod...Their probably gonna tell us we have to change some connections for the flash process.

I'm probably just gonna get the boards made to have a socket and solder pads...maybe add pads for switch connections if it can be flashed easy.

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