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Ang Hess Aug 02, 2002 10:14 PM

How to reinstall a cdrom [Packard Bell; ; win95a]
How do I reinstall a cdrom if what I need is on my windows 95 cdrom disk? Can I download what I need. In my device manager the cdrom has a code 10 in the properties. How do I take care of that.:confused:

jimfitz2128 Aug 02, 2002 10:50 PM

Go to and dounload a bootdisk for Win 98. this will have the drivers for your CD-ROM. Just boot from that and reload windows 95 over itself and that should solve your prblem. Good Luck.

Hoss Aug 03, 2002 01:37 AM

Yep that just might work
Unless the CDROm is quite old, in which case you may need to find the DOS drivers for it and have to copy them to a boot floppy, try the makers support site first, they just might have them.

Ang Hess Aug 03, 2002 07:46 AM

Thanks I will try that.

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