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aprather24 Dec 09, 2002 06:28 PM

need NTSC colour fix on Messiah 2?
I was wondering what exactly does the colour fix on the messiah 2 do? I have a version 7 ps2 and i'm in the process of puting the chip in. I have all the wires soldered to the mainboard except the colour fix one. Do i NEED to do this? What are the benefits and consequences? Thanks you


Spagboll Dec 09, 2002 06:38 PM

Benefits are that if your tv doesn't accept the N.T.S.C signal, ie. games playing in black+white then this modification makes then play in colour. They still run at 60hz so you don't lose the framrate. It just changes the colour carrier frequency to PAL60.
Note:- It DOESN'T enable you to play N.T.S.C games on a non 60hz compatable tv, ie. if the game picture is rolling around and NOT stable then this won't help you.

No consequences that I can think of mate.

Mike ( Spagboll ) ... :)

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