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merlin_the_magician Nov 11, 2011 02:26 AM

XP printing problem
Wow... can't believe the forum is still online, and i'm still allowed to enter it after so long a time. Last login shows feb 23 2006 LOL.

Good to be back. :cheers: Hope you can help me out on a nasty problem:

I have an old HP system running on XP professional. Connected is a HP2575 all-in-one printer that suddenly seems to have stopped working for no perticular reason.
When attempting to print, the print job hangs, telling me the printer is offline. Manually switching it back online does [B]not[/B] resolve the problem, and the next time i try and print, it will be back offline again.

I already tried to remove and reinstall the printer drivers, reset the printer spooler, exchanged all the cables with replacements, plugged into different USB-ports, but untill now, [B]nothing[/B] seems to be working. Whaaa!!! :furious:

Help me out please?!

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