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Rick123 Jun 13, 2003 07:21 AM

New Anti-Mod Protection on Splinter Cell?
Burned 2 backups that would boot up, but go to Red-Screen-Of-Death after pressing "x" to start the first training mission in Splinter Cell. Did a search here and found that others with direct boot modchips have had similar problems.

Until this game, my V7 Apple Mod has booted everything I've thrown at it first time everytime, with the exception of a few 989 sports titles, which apparently use a type of Anti-Mod protection which will not let them boot at all.

Now it seems that Ubi (company that makes Splinter Cell) has developed their own anti-mod protection. Theirs is even better (if you want to "rate" anti-mod protection), as it seems they can insert it into the game to cause RSOD anywhere they want. Tease you, maybe even let you play awhile, then RSOD.

From reading thru other threads, it appears that some of the newer chips will allow play of these backups, but could it be just a matter of time before these chips are beaten also? I guess this is what it's all about though, system comes out, chips developed, software beats chip, new chips beat software, new software beats chips, etc...

I see there is a sticky for games the Swap Magic won't boot. Could we have a sticky with games that no-swap mods won't boot? In the sticky the game would be listed with the chips that won't boot it, since not all chips are defeated by specific anti-mod protection. I can't remember the 989 sports games, but we could at least start the sticky with splinter cell, and list the apple chip version 1 in V7 PS2 as unable to play it. A sticky of this type would save may blank DVD-Rs from the trash can.

Speaking of Swap Magic, I see there is a new boot disk on the way for our PS2s. Anyone care to speculate if this new boot disk would defeat the Ubi anti-mod protection?

Anybody have any info on this new UbiSoft protection, or know of other games that have it?


Rick123 Jun 13, 2003 08:44 AM

To play Splinter Cell with my apple mod:

Found this posted by Snoopy007, it worked for me First Time! I only played the training level for about 5 minutes but it seems to be working normally.

Thank You Snoopy007!
Saving a Game: let it save, when it says that it saved correctly with the option to hit ok, simply push X and the open tray button on your ps2 simultaneously. You will now just have a black screen. Let your tray stay open for a second or two then close the tray. Your game now continues perfectly.

Withouth Saving: you will be asked do you want to save. Say no. Then you will be asked are you sure? Highlight yes and hit X and the open tray button simultaneously. Then close your tray after a second or two. Your game now continues perfectly.

Loading a Saved Game: highlight your saved game and hit X and open tray button simultaneously. Then close your tray after a second or two.
I used the first method "saving a game". It took maybe 10 seconds for the game to boot from black screen to the beginning of the training mission (no "grinding" or other terrible laser sounds though).

Still, this protection is certainly an issue and I would, as I've found has been recommended previously, still like a sticky for games that are a problem for no-swap modes. I'm sure the sticky would end up with solutions like this also.

Thanks Again Snoopy007

gsand Jun 13, 2003 03:56 PM

copied mine from original to traxdata-booting with messiah2-no problems

Rick123 Jun 13, 2003 07:10 PM

Yes, apparently this is a magic2/apple issue.

YASTAS Jun 13, 2003 07:12 PM

yeah same here on traxdata messiah2 working fine

jzmjr15 Jun 13, 2003 07:42 PM

the reason the happens to apple/magic modded xbox, is cause the chip r basicaly the same!

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