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sweeney1987 Jan 04, 2004 09:25 PM

HELP PLEASE: setupx.dll error [; ; winME]
hey people i am using windows me
recently i deleted a lot of games and unwanted items from pc
now however when i turn it on it tells me its found my modem and goes to install new drivers,then setuox.dll occirs an error and it freezes

when you take out modem it boots fine, no problems
i was told to reinstall drivers for modem, i did this and i have no joy, same errors

can anyone help
i need it back online

btw i have the lend of a laptop atm and thats how im able to post this

thanks in advance for all help

C0UGAR UK Jan 05, 2004 01:28 AM

Re: HELP PLEASE: setupx.dll error [; ; winME]
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sweeney1987 [/i]
[B] setuox.dll occirs an error and it freezes [/B][/QUOTE]

This is not exactly an error message, probably why you have not received many replies.
The Setupx.dll file, among other things, builds and maintains the Drvidx.bin file. The local memory heap may be damaged. This damage causes a general protection fault, it could be subsystem, not sure. You will have to re-install OS.

Personally I would erase drive & install 2K or XP, but.

As you can not use the windows update site, to save formatting try this.

Select the following windows subfolders: All Users, Application Data, Desktop, Favorites, Local Settings, Profiles, SendTo, and Start Menu, & copy them to an empty temp folder i.e C:\temp

Restart Windows with a start-up disk and ME cd in drive.

At command: c:\windows\command\deltree /y c:\windows <enter>.
(The /y switch omits confirmation prompts and selects yes for you).

At command: (cdrom drive letter):setup

When Windows is installed, reinstall drivers.

Open a DOS box

At command: xcopy c:\temp\*.* c:\windows /s /h /r /c <Enter>

When xcopy asks if it should overwrite a file, <a> for All,(I think)

Think that is correct, if there is a better way I do not know it, and never used ME myself and it has been ages since I worked on this OS, think it is the worst OS, but that is just MO

sweeney1987 Jan 09, 2004 06:34 PM

i got a dell and a dell version of reinstalling me came with it
would it work?
i also heard it was worst OS but wen i installed xp my HD became very slow and has never sped up since

C0UGAR UK Jan 10, 2004 12:38 AM

There are ways to extract and overwrite the corrupt files but it is complicated and the files may be protected. I feel you may end up in more of a mess than you are now, as re-installing is the objective, use it.

C0UGAR UK Jan 10, 2004 01:40 AM

Something I have just thought of, somewhere on a disk I have a tool I downloaded that allows you to restore a file/s that were emptied from the recycle bin, I used it once and it worked, but I used it immediately after thinking, **** I've just emptied the ******bin, I think they will only work when the space the data took up on the HDD has not been overwritten, do not know what it was called but there are loads of undelete and data recovery prog's if you search for a free one

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