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PS24LIFE Jan 08, 2002 09:28 PM

Mac guide on how to backup PS2/PSX games
Mac Tutorial on to Burn PS2-PSX Backups

This tutorial will tell you how to backup your PS2 or PSX games on your Mac.
First you need a CD-RW burner to hook up with your computer and good CD-R media. I recommend Verbatim and TDK dark blue tint is the best. Some PS2 or PSX lens read different colors but most should read dark blue.
Software is required to play backup games. I would recommend you getting Toast 5. If you cannot get a hold of it then get Astarte and Toast 4 or higher. To find the software go to [url][/url]

You need a method to play backups on your PS2/PSX. There are many different ways to play backups on your PS2/PSX. The most common way is the mod chip. You ask what methods are there for the ps2. Well here is a list: (look at the bottom for links).
Knife Method Cog Method
USB Mod Mod Chips:Neo2.2, Neo4, Messiah, Star Chip Etc

As for the PSX you can use a mod chip or a PS-X- Change

Once you have everything then you ready to backup your games.
This goes with the PS2 and PSX games

· Anyone that has Toast 5 read this:

Put your PS2/PSX game into the CD drive, open up Toast 5 click "Disc Copy" in the Toast 5 box then burn the CD to a 1x or 2x speed. But I have found out that burning on 8x speed works fine. Then test it out using a "method". Toast 5 makes everything easy for us gamers LoL!

· Anyone that have Toast 4 read this :

To Patch the games you would need PPF-O-Matic to get it go to [url][/url] Once you get PFF-O-Matic read the instructions on how to patch the games it’s really easy.

1. Open up Astarte and insert the PS2 or PSX (which ever you want to backup) game in the CD drive of your computer. Then once you see the game in Astarte go to "EDIT"- "Select all" then go to file and save to a file that you will remember.

2. Astarte will copy the image to the saved file that you choose. It will take a few minutes to make an image. Once that is finished you can close Astarte and open up Toast. Remember the file that you saved the game in? It should say ISO 9660 right? Drag it into toast, the box it should read it and should picked out "Disc Image". If you see that everything is right go ahead and continue.

3. When burning backups ALWAYS it pick 1x or 2x speed. It might take you an hour or more just be patient. When that is done try it out. If the game does not work you might need to patch the game. For Patches go to [url][/url] If you have errors on burning the CDs check everything again, still a problem go to [url][/url] or [url][/url] Still trouble? Ask me on the MAC forum or e-mail me at [email][/email] thanks and enjoy.

Links [url]***********.************/[/url]
[url]***********[/url] bring back CT to the Mac
Copyrighted. 2001 By PS24LIFE.
Updated 1-8-02

PS24LIFE Jan 18, 2002 07:25 PM

Anyone got questions feel free to e-mail me thanks guys

qxe900 Mar 02, 2002 04:37 PM

so if im using toast 5 its a simple case of just buring it and its cool yeah? ive read that theres a real artform to backing up games, not a sim,ple case of copying th disk, you need patches etc - does topast 5 automatically patch things then?

Eft Mar 02, 2002 05:11 PM

Toast doesn't add patches. I'm not too up on Patches as I have the Stealth V modchip and have used the re-sync feature to get past protections.

sengimage Mar 06, 2002 12:34 PM

MacRAR and PPF patcher. look for those tools and read about how to apply them.

PS24LIFE Mar 17, 2002 02:54 PM

also, if you got a PAL game you can make it into a NTSC by getting a patch from using PPF-0-Matic for the mac. BY patching games is really easy trust me if you need any help on buring or anything else on PSX/PS2 i'm glad to help you out just ask

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