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merls1003 Nov 24, 2007 02:11 PM

20 cdrs latter and still not working !
So i got myself 2 dreamcast games of the net, I would have rather bought them if i could find them 'in a shop', Its near impossible tho, where i am.

So iv got toast titanium 8 and im looking to burn crazy taxi 2 which is a cdi file and i also want to burn kill bill which is a nrg file.

Anybody know how to perform this task with toast?...........
iv gone thru over 20 mr data cd-r discs today. I think im guna go mad!

Thanx a 'lot' in advance! :madhack:

asdfghjkl Dec 17, 2007 02:04 PM

I can't help you with toast because I've never heard of it...if you're going to get into the DC scene, it would be wise to download Nero. There is also a tool out there called CDI2NRG that will convert a discjuggler file (the CDI one) to a Nero-burnable NRG image.
NRG is a Nero propriatary file. It can probably be burnt using other programs, but why mess around if you can get Nero as easily as you can get a Dreamcast game?

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