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yuiop Oct 04, 2008 09:30 PM

Fix PC’s Problems on Our Own
Believe it or not, a smart optimization tool named Advanced PC Tweaker integrates all sectors of practicality and allows me to get strongly control of my computer. After working it on my system, I find that those annoying problems such as pup-ups , blue screen and hamepage hijacked getting less and less. On the contrary, my PC now works as smoothly as the first time i bought it!

The most unbelievable section of Advanced PC Tweaker must be the Registry Repair utility. We know that registry is the most important part of PC system and the effectiveness of computer depends on the registry. That’s why computer experts always emphasize a healthy registry should be kept in PC. The registry information is just a mass of irregular letters and numbers for the people who is novice to PC registry. Even though some errors and useless keys are located in your registry, it is impossible for you to repair them manually since the manually repairation ask for better knowledge of registry and a lot of time. So an efficient and user-friendly registry fixing tool is necessary to us.

Before using Advanced PC Tweaker, I just can not image that it may allow me to fix registry problems within so easy step-by-step wizards. Instead of facing a mass of irregular letters and numbers, the only thing I need to do is left-click on my mouse with several simple clicks and then everything is OK.

Click on the Scan Now button, the smart registry repair utility will scan your entire registry rapidly. After some seconds, the detailed list of scanning results, including empty registry keys, invalid path and useless keys are showed up and I can easily fix those problems by clicking the Repair button.

Step 1. Open Advanced PC Tweaker and click on the Repair Problems tab , then click Scan Now button to process.

If you are new to computer registry, nver worry about that and Advanced PC Tweaker will help you out. Click the Repair button at the bottom right, and then all the problems will be fixed completely. Meanwhile, you can also ignore the item detected with right-click and Advaned PC Tweaker will ignore it at the next scanning.

Step 2. After scan finished, click OK and then click Repair.

Step 3. Repair finished.


Of course, If you assure that you have got enough knowledge about your computer, Advanced PC Tweaker allows you to manually select options you wish to scan within the registry repair tab. It provides you 15 items to choose. For example, ActiveX OLE/COM Entries, Application Paths, Empty Registry Keys, Invalid File Associations and so on. Advanced PC Tweaker by default will scan all the 15 options automatically.



defredey Oct 20, 2008 03:13 AM

At least this saves me a lot of time in getting things organized on my PC and does not involve the requirement of anyone else. Registry entries as you said do comprise an important part of the PC and its not possible for everyone to know the details of it. Getting a software which can ensure this for us is great to know. I hope my [url=***********]toshiba is up against all odds.

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