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uphonix Jul 03, 2005 10:20 PM

Shenmue 2, Disc Juggler & Utopia boot disk...
THis is actually a long story... :yell: BUT :yell: to some it up, I have wasted countless CD-Rs and am now going to open up a reflective coaster stand inside of the mall nearest you. :zombie: I've searched previous threads and replies and have tried everything recommended. NOTHING WORKS! I'm pretty sure it ain't DiscJuggler (v3.5) cuz I've burnt several other Selfbooting Games all ready. So the problem may be the Utopia 1.2 Bootdisk right? I inserted one of my original Selfbooting games after the raindeer showed up and it booted fine. ...Maybe that was because the cd already had the boot files on it... I DUNO... but what I do know is that I will not try this again with out some help. Believe me... I've tried [B]all[/B] the settings recommended in the previous threads. I've even used CDI2Nero (and I do have Nero v5.5.9.16)STILL TO NO AVAIL!

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uphonix Jul 10, 2005 12:51 PM

Are there DC consoles out there that won't run nonselfboots?
I thought my problem might have been a bad bootdisk so, I burned another one, which didn't work, and then, another one which of course didn't work. I'm beginning to think that my console will not play nonselfboot games... Even with a bootdisk... could this be true?

:suspic: Uphonix :confused:

kaine23 Jul 13, 2005 09:21 AM


Has a listing of the DC's supporting using boot-discs, etc.

uphonix Jul 17, 2005 04:23 PM

mine DC's on the working list
aight... mine's IS on the working list but I still can't get Shenmue II to boot. :bawling: The files for each CD are pretty large already after I unrar them... (slightly over 700mb... hence the reason why I don't want to waste another 15 CD-Rs patching it to selfboot) AND as recommended in the previous threads; I'm setting Disc Juggler for overburn and yet to no avail. There has gotta be a way to do this... :yawn:

Is there a such thing as a nonselfbooting CDI in Disc Juggler? Cuz these are cdi when I unrar them with WinRar 9.0. And since they don't boot up on my DC, I figured I would need a boot disk.

Evidently some of you have successfully done this sh@#%! What am I doing wrong?


Has a listing of the DC's supporting using boot-discs, etc.[/QUOTE]

uphonix Jul 17, 2005 07:22 PM

More info...
ok... after reading the FAQ's for the fiftyleventh time, this guy who coincidently happens to be banned now... suggets this method:
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Tutorial on patching by Raz:

1)After unraring your game, you will most likely either have a:
b).bin + .cue

I will use the example of shenmue.

2)I have 3 files - kal-smu.cdi kal-smufix.ppf & applyppf.exe.
3)Unzip/rar all files to one directory.
4)Open command prompt by choosing START->RUN->COMMAND
5)type applyppf kal-smu.cdi kal-smufix.ppf



When I unrar... all I have is a single cdi file. (sounds selfbooting right?) but thats it. No .bin file, & no .cue file either. However, once I burn the cdi which of course doesn't read on the console, my pc shows that it has a 1ST_READ.BIN in the root directory AND I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING.... (BIN2BOOT or CDRWIN, but there is no IP.BIN... any suggestions.


uphonix Jul 17, 2005 10:54 PM

I Got Cd4 To Work...
I dont know what the hell I did... but Disk 4 works! 3 to go...

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