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bhon a Jul 26, 2009 05:41 PM

windows xp restarting
good day sirs
I have problem on my pc, lately it is working, but a few fays ago it wont turn on, it is always return to the windows logo then restart again, I tried to turn it on using safe mode, last known good configuration but it doesnt works.
My PC is P IV 2.4GHz, 512MB memory, the probrams installed are MSoffice 2007, AC97 (WDM_A406) sound driver and Canon PIXMA MP190series.

I've done reformating and installed again the same programs and drivers, it works. But when I turn it OFF and tried to turn ON again, the problem back, my PC restarting and restarting again,

What will I do to fix the problem, please help.

Thank you

amy_trish Mar 22, 2010 01:15 AM

RE: windows xp restarting
Hi, according to me many virus have your system so my finally decision you should do format your computer because your OS file is corrupt I hope you will do this.

Good luck

tuhin007 Jan 15, 2012 09:30 PM

Windows restarts without warning.
Windows restarts without warning.
This issue could be caused by any of the below possibilities.
1. Software issue or error.
2. Hardware issue or error.
3. Heat related issue.
4. Computer virus.
5. Issue with operating systen.
This document is for computers that are restarting or rebooting by themselves and not computer's that turn off and remain off.


HelgaWeber Jan 23, 2012 03:54 AM

hi guys!
i am new here so i'm sorry if i'm a little off-topic...
i bought thins laptop and it has windows 7
i don't really like it and windows xp is more familiar
do you thing i can find some guide to install xp myself or should i call a master or what?
don't know what to do...
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uploamenolooyg Feb 01, 2012 01:03 PM

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