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xxxStealthxxx Jan 31, 2003 03:44 PM

List of 792 dreamcast games here for looking only !
Well here it is down below check out all the rips that you maybe able to find if you currently own it :-)

06/22/2000 --- Dreamcast CD Loader V1.1 Utopia [xx/01]
06/23/2000 USA Dead or Alive 2 Utopia [xx/18]
06/24/2000 PAL Soul Calibur Utopia [xx/47]
06/26/2000 USA Evolution: The World of Sacred Device Kalisto [xx/24]
06/27/2000 USA Crazy Taxi Kalisto [xx/04]
06/27/2000 USA Gauntlet Legends Kalisto [xx/25]
06/28/2000 JAP Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes Kalisto [xx/09]
06/28/2000 PAL F1 World Grand Prix Utopia [xx/09]
06/28/2000 USA NHL 2K Kalisto [xx/29]
06/28/2000 USA Power Stone Kalisto [xx/06]
06/28/2000 USA Silver Kalisto [xx/32]
06/28/2000 USA Street Fighter Alpha 3 Kalisto [xx/33]
06/29/2000 USA Evolution 2 Kalisto [xx/24]
06/29/2000 USA House of The Dead 2 Kalisto [xx/26]
06/29/2000 USA Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes Kalisto [xx/09]
06/29/2000 USA Sword of the Berserk: Guts Rage Kalisto [xx/32]
06/29/2000 USA Wacky Races Kalisto [xx/24]
06/30/2000 JAP PowerStone 2 Kalisto [xx/16]
06/30/2000 USA Virtua Striker 2 Kalisto [xx/07]
07/01/2000 JAP Samba De Amigo Kalisto [xx/13]
07/01/2000 USA Street Fighter III Double Impact Kalisto [xx/13]
07/02/2000 JAP Tokyo Highway Battle 2 Kalisto [xx/24]
07/02/2000 JAP Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 Utopia [xx/31]
07/02/2000 USA Elemental Gimmik Gear Kalisto [xx/27]
07/02/2000 USA Time Stalkers Kalisto [xx/11]
07/03/2000 JAP Advanced Daisenryaku NBC [xx/25]
07/03/2000 USA Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver Kalisto [xx/20]
07/05/2000 JAP Jet Set Radio Kalisto [xx/23]
07/05/2000 JAP King of Fighters `99: Evolution Kalisto [xx/19]
07/05/2000 JAP Tokyo Bus Guide NBC [xx/23]
07/06/2000 USA JoJos Bizarre Adventure Kalisto [xx/06]
07/06/2000 USA Tony Hawks Pro Skater Kalisto [xx/22]
07/07/2000 USA Snow Surfers Accession [xx/05]
07/07/2000 USA Sonic Adventure Kalisto [xx/38]
07/07/2000 USA Virtual On : Oratorio Tangram LR [xx/12]
07/08/2000 USA Re-Volt Accession [xx/03]
07/09/2000 USA Resident Evil Code Veronica Kalisto [2 CDs]
07/09/2000 USA Tee Off Golf Kalisto [xx/22]
07/10/2000 JAP Sega GT Rally Recession [xx/11]
07/10/2000 PAL ChuChu Rocket Accession [xx/04]
07/10/2000 USA AeroWings Kalisto [xx/33]
07/10/2000 USA ECW: Hardcore Revolution Kalisto [xx/16]
07/10/2000 USA Super Magnetic Neo Kalisto [xx/05]
07/10/2000 USA Toy Commander Accession [xx/19]
07/11/2000 USA Fighting Force 2 Kalisto [xx/17]
07/11/2000 USA MDK2 Recession [xx/10]
07/11/2000 USA Toy Story 2 *FAKE* iNDEL [xx/37]
07/12/2000 USA Gundam Side Story 0079 Kalisto [xx/26]
07/12/2000 USA Virtua Tennis - Sega Professional Tennis Kalisto [xx/08]
07/13/2000 USA Ready2Rumble Boxing Accession [xx/21]
07/13/2000 USA WWF Attitude Kalisto [xx/28]
07/14/2000 PAL Ecco The Dolphin Defender of The Future Kalisto [xx/27]
07/14/2000 USA Fur Fighters Kalisto [xx/35]
07/14/2000 USA Mr Driller Recession [xx/01]
07/15/2000 USA Industrial-Spy: Operation Espionage Kalisto [xx/04]
07/15/2000 USA Mortal Kombat Gold Edition Recession [xx/28]
07/15/2000 USA Space Channel 5 Kalisto [xx/36]
07/17/2000 USA Chu Chu Rocket NBC [xx/03]
07/18/2000 JAP Buggy Heat Kalisto [xx/28]
07/18/2000 USA Centipede NBC [xx/17]
07/18/2000 USA GigaWing Kalisto [xx/13]
07/20/2000 PAL Red Dog: Superior Firepower Kalisto [xx/16]
07/20/2000 USA Virtua Tennis: Sega Professional Tennis *FIXED* *NUKED* JNS [xx/27]
07/20/2000 USA Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour NBC [xx/20]
07/21/2000 USA Millennium Soldier Expendable Accession [xx/12]
07/21/2000 USA Shadowman Accession [xx/22]
07/21/2000 USA V-Rally 2 Accession [xx/30]
07/22/2000 JAP Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight For The Future Kalisto [xx/17]
07/22/2000 USA Puyo Puyo DA! Kalisto [xx/05]
07/22/2000 USA World Series Baseball 2K1 Kalisto [xx/16]
07/23/2000 JAP Rainbow Cotton Kalisto [xx/36]
07/23/2000 JAP Twinkle Star Sprites Kalisto [xx/10]
07/24/2000 USA Zombie Revenge Kalisto [xx/11]
07/25/2000 JAP Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact Kalisto [xx/25]
07/25/2000 JAP GunBird 2 Kalisto [xx/13]
07/25/2000 USA Midway`s Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 Kalisto [xx/02]
07/25/2000 USA Roadsters NBC [xx/06]
07/25/2000 USA Slave Zero Kalisto [xx/10]
07/25/2000 USA Test Drive 6 Kalisto [xx/19]
07/26/2000 JAP Frame Gride Kalisto [xx/18]
07/26/2000 JAP Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 Kalisto [xx/25]
07/26/2000 JAP Virtua Athlete 2K Kalisto [xx/05]
07/26/2000 USA Namco Museum Kalisto [xx/01]
07/26/2000 USA Star Wars Episode I Racer Kalisto [xx/17]
07/26/2000 USA Zombie Revenge *REPACK* Kalisto [xx/11]
07/27/2000 JAP Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix Kalisto [xx/29]
07/27/2000 USA Sega Rally 2 Championship Kalisto [xx/17]
07/27/2000 USA TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat Kalisto [xx/25]
07/28/2000 JAP Zusar Vusar EURASiA [xx/03]
07/28/2000 USA Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver *REPACK* Kalisto [xx/20]
07/28/2000 USA Nightmare Creatures II Kalisto [xx/21]
07/28/2000 USA Rayman 2, The Great Escape CCS [xx/30]
07/28/2000 USA Space Channel 5 *REPACK* Kalisto [xx/36]
07/28/2000 USA Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Kalisto [xx/34]
07/29/2000 USA Armada Kalisto [xx/11]
07/29/2000 USA Wild Metal Kalisto [xx/07]
07/30/2000 JAP Super Runabout Kalisto [xx/11]
07/30/2000 USA Chu Chu Rocket *WITH CDDA* Kalisto [xx/05]
07/30/2000 USA Worms Armageddon Kalisto [xx/10]
08/01/2000 USA Hidden and Dangerous Kalisto [xx/19]
08/01/2000 USA Mr. Driller *with CDDA* Kalisto [xx/04]
08/01/2000 USA Railroad Tycoon 2 Kalisto [xx/15]
08/01/2000 USA Rippin Riders **WITH CDDA** Kalisto [xx/08]
08/02/2000 JAP Ferrari F355 Challenge Kalisto [xx/16]
08/02/2000 PAL House of The Dead 2 Kalisto [xx/28]
08/02/2000 USA Disney Magical Racing Tour *WITH CDDA* Kalisto [xx/18]
08/02/2000 USA Toy Commander *WITH CDDA* Kalisto [xx/21]
08/02/2000 USA Trickstyle Kalisto [xx/05]
08/03/2000 JAP Grandia II Kalisto [xx/33]
08/03/2000 JAP Pop N Music Kalisto [xx/05]
08/03/2000 JAP Record of Lodoss War Kalisto [xx/29]
08/03/2000 USA Centipede *WITH CDDA* Kalisto [xx/18]
08/03/2000 USA Monaco Grand Prix Kalisto [xx/13]
08/03/2000 USA Re-Volt *WITH CDDA* Kalisto [xx/07]
08/04/2000 USA NFL Blitz 2000 Kalisto [xx/11]
08/05/2000 USA Toy Story 2 Kalisto [xx/33]
08/06/2000 USA Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing Kalisto [xx/05]
08/07/2000 USA 4 Wheel Thunder Kalisto [xx/17]
08/07/2000 USA Roadsters *with CDDA* Kalisto [xx/08]
08/09/2000 JAP Cool Cool Toon Kalisto [xx/31]
08/09/2000 JAP Dogu Senki NBC [xx/27]
08/09/2000 JAP Spawn In The Demons Hand Kalisto [xx/28]
08/09/2000 PAL Sega Bass Fishing CCS [xx/07]
08/09/2000 USA AeroWings 2: Airstrike Kalisto [xx/38]
08/09/2000 USA Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 Kalisto [xx/12]
08/10/2000 JAP Giant Gram 2000 Kalisto [xx/28]
08/11/2000 JAP Sunrise Eiyuutan NBC [xx/31]
08/11/2000 USA Defense Commander *DEMO* DCUK [xx/02]
08/12/2000 JAP Densha De Go 2 NBC [xx/07]
08/12/2000 JAP Langrisser Millenium NBC [xx/29]
08/12/2000 JAP Plumb Plus iNTERGANG [xx/03]
08/13/2000 JAP Super Hero Retsuden NBC [xx/27]
08/14/2000 PAL Mag Force Racing Kalisto [xx/05]
08/14/2000 USA Airforce Delta Kalisto [xx/07]
08/14/2000 USA Psychic Force 2012 Kalisto [xx/18]
08/14/2000 USA Rainbow 6 NBC [xx/26]
08/14/2000 USA Speed Devils Kalisto [xx/22]
08/15/2000 JAP Get Colony NBC [xx/20]
08/15/2000 JAP Rent a Hero No. 1 NBC [xx/11]
08/15/2000 JAP The Lost Golem NBC [xx/14]
08/15/2000 USA South Park: Chef`s Luv Shack Kalisto [xx/12]
08/15/2000 USA WWF Royal Rumble Kalisto [xx/09]
08/16/2000 JAP DX Life NBC [xx/22]
08/16/2000 JAP Panzer Front EURASiA [xx/39]
08/16/2000 JAP Treasure Strike NBC [xx/02]
08/16/2000 USA Tech Romancer Kalisto [xx/34]
08/17/2000 JAP Imperial Fighter of Zero iNTERGANG [xx/26]
08/17/2000 JAP The Typing Of The Dead Accession [xx/12]
08/17/2000 USA Expendable *WITH CDDA* Kalisto [xx/10]
08/17/2000 USA Seventh Cross Evolution Kalisto [xx/12]
08/17/2000 USA Spirit of Speed 1937 Kalisto [xx/08]
08/17/2000 USA Tokyo Xtreme Racer Kalisto [xx/07]
08/18/2000 JAP Lets Become Derby Owner EURASiA [xx/23]
08/19/2000 USA Dynamite Cop Kalisto [xx/13]
08/19/2000 USA Virtua Fighter 3tb Kalisto [xx/29]
08/22/2000 USA Hydro Thunder Kalisto [xx/20]
08/23/2000 USA PowerStone 2 Kalisto [xx/16]
08/23/2000 USA Romance of the Three Kingdoms 6 NBC [xx/08]
08/24/2000 USA Incoming Kalisto [xx/18]
08/25/2000 USA Jimmy White's 2 Cueball Kalisto [xx/11]
08/25/2000 USA NFL Quarterback Club 2001 Kalisto [xx/07]
08/26/2000 JAP Rune Caster MiNiME [xx/08]
08/26/2000 JAP Rune Jade MiNiME [xx/13]
08/27/2000 USA King of Fighters: Dream Match 99 Kalisto [xx/27]
08/27/2000 USA Wetrix Plus Kalisto [xx/18]
08/28/2000 JAP Lake Masters Pro SA [xx/19]
08/29/2000 PAL Resident Evil 2 Kalisto [2 CDs]
08/30/2000 USA Sydney Olympics 2000 Kalisto [xx/28]
08/31/2000 JAP Shangri La SA [xx/24]
08/31/2000 PAL Virtua Athlete 2K Kalisto [xx/04]
08/31/2000 USA Ultimate Fighting Championship Kalisto [xx/14]
09/01/2000 JAP Hello Kitty Magicalblock SA [xx/31]
09/01/2000 JAP Shanghai Dynasty LightForce [xx/29]
09/01/2000 USA Sega GT Kalisto [xx/31]
09/01/2000 USA Virtua Tennis *SELF BOOTING* NBC [xx/09]
09/02/2000 JAP Ganbare Nippon Olympics 2000 Kalisto [xx/07]
09/04/2000 USA Flag To Flag CART Racing ECHELON [xx/32]
09/05/2000 JAP Capcom VS. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 ECHELON [xx/13]
09/05/2000 USA Deep Fighter ECHELON [2 CDs]
09/05/2000 USA Grand Theft Auto 2 ECHELON [xx/20]
09/06/2000 JAP Animaster HOOLIGANS [xx/28]
09/06/2000 JAP Dino Crisis ECHELON [xx/32]
09/06/2000 JAP Ouka Fuujin PARADiSO [xx/25]
09/07/2000 JAP Cool Boarders Burrrn HOOLIGANS [xx/33]
09/07/2000 JAP Death Crimson 2 EURASiA [xx/27]
09/07/2000 JAP Hello Kitty Lovely Fruits Park HOOLIGANS [xx/22]
09/07/2000 JAP Nadesico The Mission HOOLIGANS [xx/14]
09/07/2000 JAP Vampire Chronicles ECHELON [xx/38]
09/07/2000 JAP Vigilante 8: Second Offense STATiC [xx/29]
09/08/2000 JAP Blue Stinger EURASiA [xx/24]
09/08/2000 JAP Prismaticallization RPF [xx/06]
09/08/2000 JAP World Neverland HOOLIGANS [xx/23]
09/08/2000 USA Carrier ECHELON [xx/28]
09/10/2000 USA Blue Stinger ECHELON [xx/28]
09/11/2000 PAL Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense ECHELON [xx/31]
09/11/2000 USA Marvel VS Capcom: Clash Of SuperHeroes ECHELON [xx/17]
09/12/2000 JAP House Of The Dead 2 *SELF BOOTING* HOOLIGANS [xx/14]
09/12/2000 JAP Memories Off RPF [xx/30]
09/12/2000 JAP Vermilion Desert HOOLIGANS [xx/23]
09/12/2000 JAP World Neverland 2 HOOLIGANS [xx/11]
09/13/2000 JAP Nanatsu No Hikan Senritsu No Bisyou SA [xx/35]
09/13/2000 USA Plasma Sword ECHELON [xx/29]
09/14/2000 USA Mortal Kombat Gold *WITH CDDA* ECHELON [xx/28]
09/15/2000 JAP Idol Janshi Wo Tsujicchaou HOOLIGANS [xx/25]
09/16/2000 USA Marvel VS Capcom 2 *SELF BOOTING* *SEE NEWS* ZEROSITY [xx/09]
09/16/2000 USA NFL Blitz 2001 ECHELON [xx/27]
09/17/2000 JAP Senritu No Bishou *SELFBOOTING* PARADiSO [xx/32]
09/17/2000 USA WWF Royal Rumble *SELF-BOOTING* ZEROSITY [xx/09]
09/18/2000 JAP Dance Dance Revolution: Club Mix ECHELON [xx/38]
09/18/2000 JAP Sorcerian: Apprentice of Seven Star Magic SA [xx/33]
09/18/2000 USA ESPN International Track & Field ECHELON [xx/07]
09/19/2000 USA Dreamcast Self-Booting Tutorial ECHELON [xx/01]
09/20/2000 JAP Pro Kiwame Mahjong SA [xx/05]
09/20/2000 JAP Tetris 4D ECHELON [xx/07]
09/20/2000 USA Ferrari F355 Challenge ECHELON [xx/16]
09/20/2000 USA San Francisco Rush 2049 *EURO/JAP FIX* ECHELON [xx/01]
09/20/2000 USA San Francisco Rush 2049 ECHELON [xx/28]
09/21/2000 USA Caesars Palace 2000 ECHELON [xx/14]
09/23/2000 PAL Sega Worldwide Soccer Euro Edition ECHELON [xx/28]
09/24/2000 JAP Sincho No Yaou Shouseiroku LightForce [xx/33]
09/24/2000 JAP Tokyo Highway Battle 2 *SELFBOOTING FIXED* HOOLIGANS [xx/23]

xxxStealthxxx Jan 31, 2003 03:45 PM

09/25/2000 USA F1 World Grand Prix *WITH CDDA* ECHELON [xx/25]
09/26/2000 JAP Despiria SA [xx/16]
09/26/2000 PAL Soul Fighter ECHELON [xx/32]
09/26/2000 USA South Park Rally ECHELON [xx/33]
09/27/2000 JAP UnderCover Cop 2045 SA [xx/21]
09/27/2000 USA Bust A Move 4 *BAD PACK* EURASiA [xx/19]
09/27/2000 USA Bust A Move 4 *REPACK* EURASiA [xx/22]
09/27/2000 USA Pen Pen Tri-lcelon RGB Cable Fix ECHELON [xx/01]
09/27/2000 USA Pen Pen Trilcelon ECHELON [xx/36]
09/27/2000 USA Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 ECHELON [xx/26]
09/27/2000 USA Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram With CDDA ECHELON [xx/38]
09/28/2000 JAP Dead or Alive 2 Limited Edition ECHELON [xx/17]
09/28/2000 JAP RayBlade PARADiSO [xx/34]
09/28/2000 USA The Ring ECHELON [xx/25]
09/29/2000 USA MDK2 *SELFBOOTING* VitaminDC [xx/10]
09/29/2000 USA RayBlade *Proper* SA [xx/30]
09/30/2000 JAP Love Hina SA [xx/21]
10/01/2000 USA Maken X ECHELON [xx/20]
10/02/2000 JAP Love Hina *Proper Rip* DCC [xx/21]
10/02/2000 USA Hoyle Casino ECHELON [xx/17]
10/02/2000 USA Maken X *Self-Booting* *NUKE* DCHaCkErS [xx/18]
10/03/2000 USA NBA Showtime: NBA On NBC ECHELON [xx/24]
10/04/2000 JAP Rent A Hero *Fully Working* HOOLIGANS [xx/10]
10/04/2000 USA Buzz Lightyear of Star Command ECHELON [xx/30]
10/05/2000 USA Bangai-O ECHELON [xx/36]
10/05/2000 USA Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ECHELON [xx/17]
10/06/2000 JAP Shenmue: Chapter 1 Yokosuka ECHELON [3 CDs]
10/07/2000 JAP Kanon APHEX [xx/37]
10/08/2000 JAP Eldorado Gate Volume 1 ECHELON [xx/11]
10/09/2000 JAP Silent Scope ECHELON [xx/05]
10/10/2000 JAP Space Griffon APHEX [xx/28]
10/11/2000 JAP 18-Wheeler: American Pro Trucker ECHELON [xx/10]
10/11/2000 PAL Soul Calibur *Fully Working* CNN [xx/32]
10/11/2000 USA Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles ECHELON [xx/23]
10/12/2000 JAP Marrionette Handler iNFiNiTY [xx/20]
10/13/2000 USA Frogger 2: Swampys Revenge ECHELON [xx/17]
10/14/2000 USA Sega Extreme Sports ECHELON [xx/32]
10/16/2000 JAP Civil Wars Turb HOOLIGANS [xx/22]
10/16/2000 JAP Sakura Wars 2 EURASiA [3 CDs]
10/17/2000 USA Deadly Skies *DUPE - SEE NEWS* ULFC [xx/27]
10/18/2000 JAP Sega Marine Fishing SA [xx/06]
10/18/2000 USA MTV Skateboarding Featuring Andy Macdonald ECHELON [xx/15]
10/18/2000 USA Samba De Amigo ECHELON [xx/11]
10/18/2000 USA Sega Marine Fishing ECHELON [xx/06]
10/19/2000 JAP Revive HOOLIGANS [xx/28]
10/20/2000 JAP Napple Tales Arsia in Daydream SA [xx/28]
10/20/2000 JAP Sentimental Graffity 2 HOOLIGANS [2 CDs]
10/20/2000 USA Spawn: In The Demon's Hand ECHELON [xx/22]
10/21/2000 JAP Virtua Cop 2 *GOOD* ULFC [xx/03]
10/21/2000 JAP Virtua Cop 2 ULFC [xx/03]
10/22/2000 USA Urban Chaos ECHELON [xx/26]
10/24/2000 USA Quake III Arena ECHELON [xx/34]
10/25/2000 JAP Black Matrix ULFC [2 CDs]
10/25/2000 JAP July PARADiSO [xx/24]
10/25/2000 JAP Wrestling Fighting Spirit 4 HOOLIGANS [xx/28]
10/25/2000 USA Silent Scope ECHELON [xx/05]
10/26/2000 JAP Gakkyu Oh Yamazaki PARADiSO [xx/26]
10/26/2000 USA Spec Ops: Omega Squad ECHELON [xx/12]
10/26/2000 USA Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition ECHELON [xx/11]
10/27/2000 JAP Roommate Novel SA [xx/19]
10/27/2000 PAL Shadow Man PARADOX [xx/19]
10/27/2000 USA Demolition Racer: No Exit ECHELON [xx/25]
10/27/2000 USA Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2 ECHELON [xx/32]
10/30/2000 PAL Test Drive Le Mans ECHELON [xx/14]
10/31/2000 PAL Metropolis Street Racer ECHELON [xx/26]
10/31/2000 USA Quake 1 Bootdisk required CandyISO [xx/05]
10/31/2000 USA Quake 1 SELFBOOTING CandyISO [xx/03]
11/01/2000 JAP Neo Golden Logres EURASiA [xx/01]
11/01/2000 PAL UEFA Striker PARADOX [xx/22]
11/01/2000 USA 4x4 Evolution ECHELON [xx/15]
11/01/2000 USA Jet Grind Radio ECHELON [xx/26]
11/02/2000 JAP Marionette Company 2 EURASiA [xx/23]
11/02/2000 JAP Marionette Company EURASiA [xx/24]
11/02/2000 USA Army Men Sarge's Heroes ECHELON [xx/22]
11/03/2000 JAP Heisei Mah Jong Villa iNFiNiTY [xx/05]
11/03/2000 JAP Jet Coaster Dream SA [xx/21]
11/03/2000 JAP Netto de Para iNFiNiTY [xx/26]
11/03/2000 JAP Super Producer iNFiNiTY [xx/25]
11/03/2000 USA Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 *SAVE FIX* ECHELON [xx/01]
11/04/2000 JAP Climax Landers HOOLIGANS [xx/14]
11/04/2000 JAP Sakura Wars 1 EURASiA [2 CDs]
11/04/2000 USA Looney Tunes Space Race ECHELON [xx/12]
11/06/2000 USA Game Shark CDX *CLONECD* *NUKE* frUtopia [xx/01]
11/08/2000 JAP Lack of Love SA [xx/24]
11/08/2000 USA Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 ECHELON [xx/27]
11/09/2000 JAP Dreamstudio APHEX [xx/02]
11/09/2000 JAP Happy Lesson *Boot Disk Required* iNFiNiTY [xx/23]
11/09/2000 JAP Let's Make a Pro Baseball Team iNFiNiTY [xx/23]
11/09/2000 JAP Pocke-Kano iNFiNiTY [xx/22]
11/09/2000 JAP The Eidolon Moonlight Night HOOLIGANS [xx/12]
11/09/2000 USA Capcom VS. SNK - Millenium Fight 2000 ECHELON [xx/13]
11/09/2000 USA Maximum Pool ECHELON [xx/19]
11/09/2000 USA Shenmue Kalisto [3 CDs]
11/10/2000 JAP Maboroshi iNFiNiTY [xx/13]
11/10/2000 JAP Mars Matrix ECHELON [xx/15]
11/10/2000 JAP Redline Racer EURASiA [xx/27]
11/10/2000 USA Shenmue Passport Kalisto [xx/25]
11/12/2000 JAP Marionette Handler 2 SA [xx/15]
11/12/2000 JAP Tricolore Crise SA [xx/19]
11/15/2000 JAP Dancing Blade Katteni Momotenshi 2 EURASiA [2 CDs]
11/15/2000 JAP Music By Music Bribe [xx/11]
11/15/2000 USA 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue ECHELON [xx/26]
11/15/2000 USA Sonic Shuffle ECHELON [xx/14]
11/16/2000 JAP Aero Dancing F Fight Online SA [xx/24]
11/16/2000 USA Cannon Spike ECHELON [xx/08]
11/16/2000 USA Dino Crisis ECHELON [xx/32]
11/16/2000 USA GunBird 2 ECHELON [xx/10]
11/17/2000 USA Chicken Run ECHELON [xx/34]
11/17/2000 USA Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness ECHELON [xx/25]
11/17/2000 USA Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ECHELON [xx/25]
11/18/2000 USA ESPN NBA 2 Night SA [xx/21]
11/19/2000 JAP Bio Hazard 3 HOOLIGANS [xx/24]
11/19/2000 JAP Dancing Blade Katteni Momotenshi 2 *CD1 REPACK* EURASiA [xx/29]
11/19/2000 JAP Super Euro Soccer 2000 LFC [xx/13]
11/19/2000 USA Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX ECHELON [xx/09]
11/20/2000 JAP Anearth Fantasy Story Bribe [xx/27]
11/21/2000 USA Star Wars Demolition ECHELON [xx/36]
11/22/2000 JAP F1 World Grand Prix II ECHELON [xx/10]
11/22/2000 JAP PowerSmash Tennis *DUPE Virtua Tennis* APHEX [xx/10]
11/22/2000 JAP Sega Tetris APHEX [xx/02]
11/22/2000 USA Rainbow Six *RGB FIX* ECHELON [xx/01]
11/22/2000 USA Rainbow Six Rogue Spear ECHELON [xx/21]
11/23/2000 PAL Moho ECHELON [xx/32]
11/24/2000 USA ESPN NBA 2 Nite *RGB Fix* ECHELON [xx/01]
11/24/2000 USA Starlancer ECHELON [xx/35]
11/25/2000 PAL Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver *German* PARADOX [xx/20]
11/25/2000 USA Dinosaur ECHELON [xx/37]
11/25/2000 USA Tomb Raider Chronicles ECHELON [xx/23]
11/30/2000 USA Sno-Cross Championship Racing ECHELON [xx/09]
12/01/2000 USA Who Wants To Beat Up A Millionaire? ECHELON [xx/10]
12/04/2000 JAP Ah! My Goddess - Stay with fighting wings LightForce [xx/11]
12/04/2000 JAP Winning Post 2000 Program LFC [xx/10]
12/05/2000 JAP Charge N' Blast ECHELON [xx/04]
12/05/2000 PAL F1 World Grand Prix II ECHELON [xx/10]
12/05/2000 USA Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights ECHELON [xx/15]
12/06/2000 USA Championship Pro Surfer ECHELON [xx/11]
12/07/2000 USA POD Speedzone ECHELON [xx/17]
12/07/2000 USA Q Bert ECHELON [xx/13]
12/08/2000 JAP Rival Schools 2: Burning Justice Academy ECHELON [xx/34]
12/08/2000 USA Grandia II *CD2 Movie Addon* ECHELON [xx/03]
12/08/2000 USA Grandia II ECHELON [2 CDs]
12/10/2000 JAP Aero Dancing FSD: Tsubasa's First Flight LightForce [xx/23]
12/10/2000 JAP Silent Scope +2 Trainer Paradox [xx/01]
12/10/2000 USA Grandia II Correct Movie Fix MysticWar [xx/03]
12/11/2000 USA Grandia II CD1 *REPACK* ClAuTo [xx/30]
12/12/2000 JAP Eldorado Gate Volume 2 ECHELON [xx/12]
12/12/2000 PAL Action Replay CDX ECHELON [xx/01]
12/12/2000 USA GameShark CDX ECHELON [xx/01]
12/12/2000 USA Grandia 2 : Game Fix Tutorial SAGEICE [xx/01]
12/12/2000 USA The Grinch ECHELON [xx/15]
12/12/2000 USA The Grinch RGB Fix ECHELON [xx/01]
12/13/2000 JAP Dancing Blade Bribe [2 CDs]
12/14/2000 PAL Sega GT - European Edition ECHELON [xx/13]
12/15/2000 PAL KAO The Kangaroo ECHELON [xx/07]
12/15/2000 USA Speed Devils Online Racing ECHELON [xx/14]
12/17/2000 JAP Blue Submarine No.6: Time and tide LightForce [xx/18]
12/17/2000 JAP Guilty Gear X ECHELON [xx/12]
12/17/2000 JAP Samba De Amigo Version 2000 ECHELON [xx/18]
12/17/2000 PAL Donald Duck Quack Attack ECHELON [xx/33]
12/17/2000 USA Max Steel Covert Missions DC ECHELON [xx/30]
12/17/2000 USA Test Drive V-Rally ECHELON [xx/27]
12/19/2000 JAP Last Blade 2: Final Edition ECHELON [xx/27]
12/19/2000 JAP Pop'n Music 2 EURASiA [xx/12]
12/19/2000 USA Pop'n Music 4 Append Disc EURASiA [xx/12]
12/20/2000 JAP Daytona USA 2001 ECHELON [xx/25]
12/21/2000 JAP Bassrush Dream R18 [xx/07]
12/21/2000 JAP Phantasy Star Online *MULTILANG* HOOLIGANS [xx/26]
12/21/2000 JAP Shinshi Dash Hang Kong [xx/32]
12/21/2000 JAP Sonic Adventure 2 The Trial ECHELON [xx/05]
12/21/2000 PAL Aqua GT ECHELON [xx/05]
12/21/2000 PAL Metropolis Street Racer Online/Browser Fix LightForce [xx/01]
12/21/2000 USA Evil Dead: Hail To The King ECHELON [xx/34]
12/22/2000 USA Kiss Psycho Circus *No CDDA* R18 [xx/09]
12/22/2000 USA Test Drive V-Rally CDDA Fix ECHELON [xx/01]
12/22/2000 USA Tetris Online Edition R18 [xx/02]
12/23/2000 USA BANG! Gunship Elite ECHELON [xx/11]
12/23/2000 USA Kiss Psycho Circus USA Wu-Tang - The W CDDA Addon *NUKE LAME* Genious [xx/03]
12/25/2000 USA Kiss CDDA Addon *NUKE LAME* DCiSOS [xx/04]
12/26/2000 USA NBA2K ECHELON [xx/19]
12/26/2000 USA NBA2K1 ECHELON [xx/21]
12/26/2000 USA NFL2K ECHELON [xx/25]
12/26/2000 USA NFL2K1 ECHELON [xx/28]
12/27/2000 JAP Never 7 - The End of Infinity LFC [xx/23]
12/28/2000 JAP Dream Passport 3 *FAKE* HOOLIGANS [xx/01]
12/28/2000 JAP Lets Make A J-League Pro Soccer Team R18 [xx/16]
12/28/2000 USA NBA 2K1 *Fix* ECHELON [xx/01]
12/28/2000 USA Next Tetris Online Edition W/CDDA Accession [xx/05]
12/28/2000 USA Vanishing Point ECHELON [xx/14]
12/30/2000 USA ECW Anarchy Rulz ECHELON [xx/25]
12/30/2000 USA King of Fighters Evolution ECHELON [xx/13]

01/02/2001 USA DreamSNes v0.9.3 With 180 Roms *Selbootable* DrC [xx/09]
01/03/2001 JAP Pop 'N Music 2 RGB Fix ECHELON [xx/01]
01/03/2001 JAP Pop 'N Music 4 Append Disc RGB Fix ECHELON [xx/01]
01/03/2001 USA Vanishing Point *+6 TRAINER* ECHELON [xx/01]
01/05/2001 JAP Guilty Gear X +6 Trainer ECHELON [xx/01]
01/05/2001 PAL Toy Racer ECHELON [xx/03]
01/06/2001 USA Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights *REPACK* ECHELON [xx/16]
01/07/2001 PAL Quake 3 Arena *MULTILANGUAGE* KREMA [xx/35]
01/09/2001 USA Neo Geo Pocket w/87 roms *Selfboot* DrC [xx/03]
01/10/2001 USA Super Magnetic Neo *Multi-Language* TRSI [xx/05]
01/11/2001 PAL Shadowman *PAL MULTILANGUAGE* KREMA [xx/22]
01/11/2001 USA Grandia II *REPACK* ECHELON [2 CDs]
01/12/2001 JAP Card Captor DD [xx/15]
01/14/2001 PAL Record of Lodoss War PARADOX [xx/36]
01/15/2001 JAP Fighting Vipers 2 EURASiA [xx/09]
01/15/2001 PAL Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? EURASiA [xx/16]
01/15/2001 USA Sega GT *INTERNET FIX* DCHelp [xx/01]
01/17/2001 USA Metropolis Street Racer ECHELON [xx/33]
01/17/2001 USA Sonic Adventure *INTERNET FIX* DCHelp [xx/01]
01/18/2001 JAP Giga Wing 2 ECHELON [xx/22]
01/19/2001 USA Fighting Vipers 2 *PLUS 16 TRAINER* ECHELON [xx/01]
01/20/2001 PAL POD 2: Multiplayer Online PARADiSO [xx/17]
01/21/2001 JAP Super Street Fighter 2 X ECHELON [xx/08]
01/21/2001 PAL Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX PARADiSO [xx/26]
01/22/2001 JAP Golf Shyounyo 2 EURASiA [xx/38]
01/22/2001 JAP Super Street Fighter 2 X +8 *TRAINER* ECHELON [xx/01]

xxxStealthxxx Jan 31, 2003 03:47 PM

01/02/2002 JAP Two One ORGASM [xx/32]
01/02/2002 PAL SPAWN TheFriends [xx/20]
01/09/2002 USA Dream Passport 1.01 MUDS [xx/04]
01/26/2002 JAP Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol. 1 ECHELON [xx/11]
01/28/2002 USA MamedDC 2588 Romz *FINAL* iSOSPHERE [3 CDs]
02/05/2002 PAL Tech Romancer EiTheL [xx/29]
02/15/2002 USA NHL 2K2 ECHELON [xx/31]
03/02/2002 JAP Weakness Hero Torauman ORGASM [xx/35]

This is the last of it :)O()O

ukslacker Feb 01, 2003 04:54 PM

oh man...this brings a tear to my eye. so many great games. at least its good to see most of their sequels coming to the xbox.

tc49821 Feb 11, 2003 02:17 PM

does anyone know what games have not been ripped

QWERTY Feb 12, 2003 03:51 PM

A better question would be what are the other 346 games Stealth is talking about? (since he can't count and only listed 446) ;)

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