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dragula96 Jan 27, 2003 03:40 AM

DVD2one - OMFG! - Godly program
ok, I downloaded the trial version today, for those of you that dont know how it works here are the steps to ripping a dvd-9 to a dvd-r

NOTES: i have a p3 667 mhz computer with about 448 RAM (very outdated by todays standerds)

1. rip the vob files (and i think you also need the .ifo file that goes with that group) that contain the movie with a ripping tool like smart ripper or whatever (make sure you copy the vob files seperate and dont join them or anything).
TOOK: 30 min (but thats just my machine)

2. open up dvd2one and choose the dir where you copied your vob files to and then choose the dir where you want the new files that dvd2one creates, then hit the "next" button.

3. choose the video (title) in most cases it will be the biggest one or whatever. Hit the "next" button again.

4. Choose the audio track you would like by clicking on it (duh), then choose subtitles if prefered (yes thats right SUBTITLES!) then just hit the "Start" button.
TOOK: 11 to encode the first 30 min of the movie
produced a vob file of around 1 gig

5. Start up Nero or Recordnowmax or whichever burning software you prefer.

6. throw the files that dvd2one produced into a dir called VIDEO_TS and create an empy dir called AUDIO_TS then just burn those two files in a dvd.
TOOK: 24 mins i think at 1x on a dvd-rw

TOTAL TIME TO PROSSESS: 1 hour and 5 min.
(keep in mind that this time is only for the first 30 mins of film). ok lets say it would take 11x4 for a 2 hour movie on my machine thats 44 mins to encode so the total for backing up a movie would be something like 2hours and 20 min. still beats

ripp: 30 min, dvd2avi: 8 min, CCE: 4hours, pull down: 20 min, Spruce up 8 min authering + 30 min creating title set, and finaly theirs recordnow max: 1 hour for burning. TOTAL TIME: 7 hours!.(on my machine)

now you might be asking yoruself, well how is the quality?
The quality in my own opinion is not as good as a 1 pass on CCE. but the result is very very good considering that it took very little time to process. Also take into consideration that this is the first version of the software so it can only get better.
if your one of those persons that will settle with nothing but the best video quality , then this program may not be for you. and its only 39.99 euro dollers, how much is that in american money by the way?

Final impression:
enyway this speeds up things by a long shot if you dont mind sacreficeing just a little quality(you can bearly tell, only if your looking for it) then this program is for you. if you think im kidding, just go on over to their website and download the trial version yourself and have a look.

Lazza Jan 27, 2003 04:14 AM

Just been talking about this with a few guys on another forum. You said that the results were not quite as good as using CCE with a 1 pass VBR, seems to be the general opinion there too but some films are looking as good going by what they were saying.

But it still looks like a very promising prog.

jaffa59 Jan 27, 2003 04:48 AM

this program is brilliant, ripped the green mile to my hard drive,then used dvd2one to encode it, this took 20 minutes and 21 seconds. unbelievable!!!.
burnt it to disc using nero.

play the film back on my sony dvd player and 36 inch telly and i have too say that the quality is unbelievable.

i would give this program 10/10 for ease of use, and a good final result.

well done Erwin van den Berg for developing the great piece of software

LASHER Jan 27, 2003 05:56 AM

i also bought the dvd2one program ,and have too agree also.
dam good program lets see it improve even further.....

biggy7 Jan 27, 2003 06:12 AM

already another thread about this guys: ***********

evil5826 Jan 27, 2003 06:39 PM

I tried what you said above but once i am done burning my dvd player in my pc and the stand alone will not play the dvd. Is there a better tutorial you can give?

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