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quinterrya Jul 07, 2005 10:27 PM

My theory about Nero "Cannot perform disk-at-once" and "End track" problem.
If you are having this problem, I found out what was wrong after alot of trial and error. For those that are not familiar with what i'm talking about, I will explain.

After you insert a blank CD and add mp3s to burn an audio cd in Nero Express or Nero Burning Rom you will receive a "Cannot perform Disk-At-Once " message or if the disc finish, you would receive a "Process Failed" and "Could Not End Disc (if you use track-at-once)". Using Roxio Easy Media Creator, I would receive a Medium Write Error and it would stop in the middle of the process. I thought it was a Nero problem, but when it start happening to Roxio, I figured it wasn't the software.

So I searched on Google by tpying in "Disc-At-Once problems", Nero problems", "Cannot Perform Disk-At-Once", etc. I found out that alot of people was having this same problem(s). A majority was using Nero and was using Memorex. I don't think Memorex is a cheap media, but alot of responses blamed it on the Memorex cdrs and the CD burner not have the latest firmware.

So I went out and brought some Sony cdrs, which was like $15.00 for 50 instead of $14.00 for 50, lol. Second, I update my CD Burner with the lastest firmware. I was able to burn two Sony cdrs before the disks started failing again. What luck.

I was pretty lost at that point, so I began to read about Disk-At-Once and Track-At-Once to get an understanding of them. This information helped somewhat, but I couldn't prevent more disks from failing after tweaking Nero setting.

Finally, I ran out of option and decided to burn at 24x instead of the max 40x. Hmmm. No more burn failed or disk-at-once error. So I can to the conclusion that for some reason, my burner or computer could not handle burning at speeds above 24x. I'm leading more toward the burner, because I just brought it (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109). I just burned 5 consecutive cdrs at 24x with no problems at all. I will back to 40x and it failed again.

I was still doubting the speed issue alittle and I thought it was a virus attacking my memory, so I cleaned my hdd and the problem continued. I also when to My Computer> Right Click> Properties> Advanced> Performance Settings> Advanced> Adjust for best performance. The problem still occurred.

So after ALL of this, I realized that I was just burning too fast and had to live with burning cdrs at 24x. Not a big problem, since I can still burn dvdrs at 8x. Hopefully this will help alot of people. It is very difficult to find info about this topic on the Web. Peace out and Thanks for reading.

Nuttapper Jul 11, 2005 06:41 PM

Hi m8 thanks for sharing this info, could you post your system specs please and the OS your running

wickedsweet Apr 19, 2007 04:14 PM

Nero error
Ok so this is the deal. I have been using nero for 3 years now and all of a sudden it will not allow me to burn my movies onto DVD. GRRRR! This error appears>>>> NOT ABLE TO WRITE TO DISK-AT-ONCE ON AN OPEN DISK!!!!! What in gods name does this mean???? I tryed defraging my hard drive, uninstalling and reinstalling NERO, slowed down the burning speed, but still the same error! What happend to it??? :mad: I contacted nero and all they did was send me a stupid annomated e-mail, that never helped me at all. I'm lost. It will go through all the encoding, until it's time to burn, then it spits out my cd , and this error comes up.What's makin it all wacky all of a sudden? HELP PEOPLE, PLEASE. My computer is full of home movies that r takin up :bawling: :confused: :disturb:

Extremly desperate!!!!

wickedsweet Apr 20, 2007 11:19 AM

I think i found the cure!!!!
Hi Again, As i said i use Nero, bundled.This is what u need to do. Go inot Nero Express.Add the files u want to burn. I was burning off Avi files.Then click on next. So now ur in the FINAL BURN SETTINGS.Select ur burning speed settings, and writing speed, and how many copies u want.Then click on the MORE button.You will then see write method.Change it to track at once.(looks like that has to be done everytime u burn something, UGH!) It worked for me, wooot!
******** to download this version of Nero.
If u have any problems e-mail me at [email][/email] and i'll try to help u as much as i can.

wickedsweet Apr 20, 2007 12:22 PM

Does anyone know why nero burns dvd movies so choppy. All i see are squares all over my video, when played on dvd. See originaly they were 640 by 480, and when Nero does it's thing it turns them into 352 by 246.Is there any way i can set nero to burn them as they r, 640 by 480. If there is a way anyone can help me please. Or is their any free programs that i can use to burn off avi to dvd, with good video quality. I'll be waiting for a response. Thankx!

Insomniac Apr 20, 2007 07:38 PM

Try Nero Vision instead of Express.

I use Nero 7, so it may be slightly different, but it will give you an idea.

Start Nero Vision, select "Make DVD...", then "DVD Video".

In the new Window, select "Make Movie...." or "Add Video Files...." depending on your needs.

Browse to the file/s you want, and once loaded, select "More <<", then "Video Options".

On the DVD-Video tab, change the quality setting to "Custom", which will then allow you to set the desired resolution if you need to (You may not, check the automatic setting first)

Extremely delicate!!!


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