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noamkrief May 08, 2002 12:23 AM

installing win98SE over win95
my dad has win95 and i want to upgrade it to win98SE with my win98 CD... He says that it will screw everything up... Is that true? When you do a windows upgrade, does it mess up files? (in other words, is it a clean upgrade or would it be better to delete windows and install windows 98SE?)


ElaineM May 08, 2002 12:29 AM

You could do an upgrade to 98, however I think that everyone would agree that it is a good idea to do a clean install.

noamkrief May 08, 2002 12:32 AM

would it make the os much slower if it was upgraded and wasn't a clean fresh install?

ElaineM May 08, 2002 12:35 AM

Not slower, but it would avoid any conflicts. Which can be a major pain in the arse.

noamkrief May 08, 2002 12:37 AM

what kinds of conflicts?

ElaineM May 08, 2002 12:48 AM

It's almost impossible to tell, which is why a clean install is a much better idea.

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