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esse323 Aug 01, 2004 06:31 AM

Some weird audio CD protection...
Hi guys,I've been trying to copy an audio CD but I have been unsuccesful so far. It's a legally bought CD with a warning on its case saying:"This product contains copy protection.Copying to PC/Mac is not possible."I've tried copying it with Clone CD but the copy didn't work.My Sony discman couldn't read tracks.It reads tracks of the original CD normally.This is what various info tools say about this CD:

Disc info (Nero

CD-ROM Total capacity: 954435:39. 33.777MB
Read-Only CD
UPC/EAN code: 3831023814421

Sessions: 3
Tracks: 17

Session 01(603 MB)

Track Start Lenght Mode

Track 01: 0:10.00 1:18.43, Audio
Track 02: 1:28.43 4:19.68, Audio
Track 03: 5:48.36 3:27.19, Audio
Track 04: 9:15.55 3:53.17, Audio
Track 05: 13:08.72 4:47.23, Audio
Track 06: 17:56.20 4:20.38, Audio
Track 07: 22:16.58 3:31.53, Audio
Track 08: 25:48.36 4:42.59, Audio
Track 09: 30:31.20 3:47.20, Audio
Track 10: 34:18.40 4:44.50, Audio
Track 11: 39:03.15 3:43.32, Audio
Track 12: 42:46.47 4:43.48, Audio
Track 13: 47:30.20 4:26.71, Audio
Track 14: 51:57.16 3:28.16, Audio
Track 15: 55:25.32 4:23.49, Audio

Session 02(2 MB)

Track 16: 62:21.06 0:08.00(3MB), Data(mode 2)

Session 03(1.244.566 MB)

Track 17: 61:23.06 954375:52.40(9.633.175MB), Data(mode 2)

Nero Info Tool(Nero ToolKit)


Type: CD Extra
Capacity: 00:03.00 (0MB)

Extended information
Tracks: 17
Sessions: 3
Medium info: n/a

File system(s):

Title: n/a
Date: n/a
Publisher: n/a
Application: n/a

ClonyXL-copy-protection scanner for CloneCD

Copy-protection or CD-type: None or unknown
Found 0 read errors

Sector size: 2048
Total sectors: 224
Lenght (M:S:F): 00:05:00
Tracks: 17
Data tracks: 2
Audio tracks: 15
CD name: Audio CD
CD serial: 1C2EC04
Total: 0MB
Datas: 0MB
Files: 15

Dummy files: no
Overburn: no
TOC: illegal
Track lenght: ok

I've tried to copy it on the fly using CloneCD with settings taken from ClonyXL
(for CD extra),but that also didn't work.I'm really confused.Do you have any suggestions? :suspic:

MR2--UK Nov 20, 2004 06:07 AM

Connect your stereo sytem to your PC via the Line In on your sound card then use some recording software and save the tracks to HDD. After that it's just a case of burning the tracks to CD.

little animal Dec 12, 2004 10:29 PM

Normal players just blindly read the first session of a CD, beginning to end, while computers read and combine all the session info, so adding corrupt data sessions to the end of an audio cd acts as a basic protection scheme. You need to either use a tool like Plextools Pro if you have a plextor and enable Single Session reading to make it ignore the extra session info at the end of the disc. I don't know of any other tools for different brands of CD/RW.

You could try using CDRWin to make an image of the disc then edit the .cue file and burn back without the data tracks?

There is also a theory, which I've never tried, that you can get a marker pen and draw a circle around the outside edge of the CD, which your CD-Rom will just see as faulty data and be ignored completely, bypassing the corrupt session info and making the CD copyable.

Has anyone tried this?

uncle den Jan 20, 2005 01:55 PM

Read TOC (table of contents) & print. A error message will appear "can not read from sector [U]xxxx[/U] to yyyy" take note of the sector number "from".
Go to "Extract Disc\Track\sector.
tick "Select Sectors" at "Select Selection" you have "Start & End"
From Your Print Out
Track 01 put your start sector, the end sector is the start of track 02
Track 02 put your start sector, the end sector is the start of track 03
and so on. Remember to save tracks as 01, 02, 03, and so on.
The last Audio "end " sector is the "From" sector in your error message.
This method also works with same copy protected CDG discs but remember to change the drop down box to CDG.
Then go to "Record Disc" "Load Tracks" Audio or CDG and burn.

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