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Stinx72 Nov 06, 2005 10:14 AM

Utopia Boot Disc Help
Can somebody please tell me the CORRECT way to get Utopia Boot Disc. I have it downloaded and i also have Nero and DiscJuggler. I just dont know how to get it on a Disc, when i tryed other ways it always ends up with the dreamcast going to the homepage ( page where the dreamcast goes to when there is no game inserted). can somebody please help me?

NightCrawler Nov 09, 2005 12:56 AM

The Utopia disc should just be an image file for whichever burning app you want to use. .nrg for nero, .cdi for discjuggler, etc. Each app has a 'Burn Image' or similar menu item to just bring up a file selector and burn the whole image. There are several image file versions at megagames.

You should also check the mfg date on the bottom of your DC. Systems manufactured after Sept. 2001 need to have discs rebuilt as data-data instead of audio-data in order to boot. There are lots of tutorials around.

Finally, if the burn has no errors and the system is older than Sept. 2001, there might be some compatibility problems in burning the old image file with the latest version of the apps. So, if you want to burn the Nero image, try downloading and using an old version of Nero for the burn. Even an old trial version would work fine. You may need to remove the old version and re-install the latest version afterwards.

bluestreak711 Nov 01, 2007 05:30 PM

I am having the same problems and need some answers.

I downloaded


that was a folder and inside


I only have Nero Ultra Edition 7

I burned it as a data disc image and then to a cd.

In the pc it shows the file


and I guess I could have done that with burning the image first because I would get the same result.

Anyway,in the dreamcast it goes to the cd player.

My Dreamcast was made in Japan in October in 2000,right when they started to be coy protected.

I have seen many times before that it needs to be data-data not audio-data

But all the tutorials that explain that envolves more than one file that I susposedly downloaded but the only file that I got was the one I mentioned.

asdfghjkl Dec 17, 2007 02:07 PM

Bluestreak, based on what you told me, you just have to download CDI2NRG. It will convert the Discjuggler file into a Nero-friendly one for burning.
Back in the day, when games first became self-booting, they were released as Discjuggler files.

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