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happyday Jun 29, 2012 12:47 AM

Convert HD MTS to 1080p AVI Format With MTS Converter
HD MTS is a high definition digital video camera recorder format which could record our special moments and at the smae time give us high definition enjoyment. However, because of its limitation, we have to convert it to other video format so as to enjoy the video file through our portable media players or share the video file with others easily. In that case, converting HD MTS to 1080p AVI format is a very good choice. 1080p AVI format is high definition AVI format which possesses Resolution as 1920*1080. Therefore we could maintain the high definition of the original video mostly. To convert HD MTS to 1080P AVI format, we could use a HD MTS to 1080p AVI converter. There are various converters in the market. Here in this tutorial we take iCoolsoft MTS Converter as an example to illustrate the specific steps for you.
You could click here to see why we choose iCoolsoft MTS Converter as an example.

First of all, free download iCoolsoft MTS Converter and install it in your computer. Launch it after the installation.

Secondly, click button "Add Video" to add the HD MTS file you want to convert. You can also use the "File" button.

Thirdly, choose HD AVI output format from "Profile" drop-down list.

> Click button "Settings" to set the output parameters if you need. You could see that the Resolution has already been selected as 1920*1080 automatically since you have chosen HD AVI as the output format.

> Add watermark
You can use the converter to add text or picture watermark to the recorded MTS video. Check "Enable Watermark" and then "Text", input what you want to add in the blank. Button "T" can help you to set the font, size, color, etc. of the text.
To add picture watermark, you have to check "Picture" and click "Folder" to find the picture in your local disc. Dragging or adjusting the values in the boxes can help you to locate the watermark at the place you prefer.

* You could also try the other editing functions, such as trimming, cropping, and adjusting effects.

Fourthly, click button "Browse" to set the destination for the output files.

Lastly, click button "Convert" to start converting HD MTS files into 1080p AVI format.

The above five steps are all you need to do to convert HD MTS video to 1080p AVI format. The conversion speed of this software is very fast. And the software also supports batch conversion so that you can save more time.

For Mac users:
HD Converter for Mac
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nigneeHar Jun 29, 2012 01:33 AM

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