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ricky24 Mar 31, 2014 01:36 AM

How to Wipe out iPhone, iPad & iPod App Caches? [FREE]
When you play games, or view photos & video via whatsapp, facebook, twitter, and more with your iPhone, iPad and iPod. There would be some Caches when these Apps running, and these Apps Caches may eat some space on your iPhone. Do you want to wipe out App Caches on your iPhone?

Watch Video:

Remove Junk Files & Private Data on iPhone, iPad & iPod
> Quickly Clean
App Cookies, App Temp Files, User Storage Files, App Crash Logs, Download Temp Files
> Deeply Clean
Call History, Safari Browsing History, Messages, iOS Notifications, Active Apps
> Advanced Tools
Photo Clean, Contact Clean, Media Clean & Repair, App Clean & Shrink

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