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neal2324 Sep 18, 2017 03:03 AM

Rip Blu-ray Audio to lossless FLAC for VLC Playback
Ripping Blu-rays, converting uncompressed PCM and lossless*Dolby TrueHD*and DTS-HD Master Audio to FLAC for use in*XBMC*carries a number of benefits.*

It's also lossless, so no quality difference.

FLAC is an open, well-documented format and so you're not reliant on reverse-engineered implementations.

XBMC can decode FLAC to PCM and output it over HDMI, whereas it currently can't for DTS-HD.Hard drive space savings can be significant, especially for PCM soundtracks.

There's little penalty in terms of the time taken to rip the disc either, as it's unlikely that your BD drive can copy data from the disc fast enough for the conversion process to become a bottleneck.What you need: This process still uses*MakeMKV, with the feature enabled in by checking the advanced options box in the settings. TrueHD decoding is built in, but you'll need to find a separate DTS module and point MakeMKV to that. All you then need to do it choose the ‘FLAC’ preset when ripping a disc. Otherwise the process is identical.*

To extract Blu-ray discs to VLC accepted FLAC audio files on Mac, you could use*Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac*which is an effective Mac Blu-ray Audio Converter that could Convert Blu-ray music to lossless FLAC audio format. Still delivering an ultra-high quality listening experience on Mac. Even encoding Blu-ray to H.265 MP4 is supported.

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