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Default 105 1 speed only at moment

having burnt quite a few dvds on my new 105@ only 1speed although nero set @ 2speed. not to happy with time taking so ive been intouch with the not very helpfull tech. support @ pioneer who informed me they do not support the use of any 2 speed dvds ( im using bulkpaq gen4 2speed ) in this writer except pioneers own brand, so at the moment anyone looking to backup @2 speed better buy the104.
dont know how long its gonna be before the 4speed medias available,
when this burner comes into its own..... until then looks like i gotta use my new 4speed @ 1..........
prog. used is latest nero, firmware in pioneer 105 is 1.0 (only one you can get).
hope others are getting better fun out of this burner than me.....
if anyone knows of media that writes @ 2 speed l.m.k. plzzz.....
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