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Default Re: Says blank CD-R is full. Frustrated! [NEC; PM; winXP]

[i]Originally posted by mahogany [/i]
[B].....I receive this message when I attempt to burn through both Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 and through Windows Media Player. ....
mahogany. [/B]
Which version of Easy CD Creator 5 do you have? You should be using 5.35 You might need an update from roxio

Also check to see if XP's inbuilt recording function is disabled. If not then disable it. The inbuilt recording function and third party apps like ECDC don't always get along well together. Right click your CD Writer icon and select Properties->Recording Tab. Uncheck the box that says "Enable recording on this device".

BTW I strongly agree with Insomniac. Software costs money and to arbitrarily tell a person to just switch software is an insult not to mention very impractical. Personally I prefer Nero but that is largely due to it being what I am used to. So I go back to it. But the new version of Easy CD Creator 6 is a very nice package and one that I highly recommend.

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