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oh i would like to comment on this...this is really sad. i posted a way for everybody to get the files yet you see "vcbb53" post?? soooo lazy. its pathetic.

anyways, i just went through 12 discs that are bigger than twisted metal 4, however i noticed your saying PAL, the ntsc tm4 is roughly 70min. Still, im betting on tekken 3 :-P (ntsc). biggest game i found out of them was "Pajama the rapper" or wtf ever..that was only ~71min. I KNOW one of the Tekkens is 80min...i just know it, i just dont have it to prove it to myself Matter of fact, the only games i own for ps1 are all orginal :00( (dont ask what happened to teh backups, long story)

another thing is, do you know if you need a high TOC ps1 game of your region. or can you use a high PAL TOC game on a NTSC console??? seems like maybe there would be a collision of TOC's if you tried to mix them up??? Although since cogswaploader directly boots the game mabye it dont matter?

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