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nevermindgames, hope you can help me out. here is my problem. i have a version 9 ps2 with flip top. as you are probably aware swapmagic 2.0 cd is not compatible with version 9 ps2's. as of now i am only able to play dvd games. being unable to load sm 2.0, gs, and even ar (all are non-compatible with us ver.9 ps2's) i have no way to boot cogswap cd or cdloader to install to my memory card. The only viable option i have is through the x-port. if i could get the files needed for x-port i can then transfer them to my mem card and finally be able to boot ps2 cd games and some as of now unplayable dvd games. this girl certainly isnt lazy and i will say your instructions are very well laid out, it doesnt help me though because i have no way to boot. please,please pretty please can you help this frustrated and desperatr girl out? sorry for the drawn out reply. i have no one else to turn to. thanks, kimberlee.