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im noding off here, you still there???

btw im going to just keep editing this post for your response's. no need in make this a 50 page thread for just us 2 :-). So keep looking at this post for my edits.

Response0: ok that is different. the SYSTEM.CNF is on 1596 and the id is on 1597. you have 2 options to try.

well first you got to add your original ps1 game id to the TITLE.DB

ok anyways....

1. burn out the image like i got it loaded

2. burn out the image with the SYSTEM.CNF and id in the corresponding spots on the dvd.

im not sure what to tell what to try first (if anything works that is).

i would try the normal way, since it is a .bin/.cue i would try to just burn it out like normal on a dvdr.

if htat dont work, edite the LBA's to fit 1596 and 1597.

ok do this, download the .zip file where i posted it on yahoo (1st page). put in your original ps1 game and get the system id out of the SYSTEM.CNF on it and put that in the _titles.txt on a new line and save it. run the _RUNTHIS.BAT 1 time. Dont worry about errors, just close the errors out. Now open cdgenPS2.exe and goto advanced and choose the import from iso buster option and use the LBA_List.txt file. click teh IMG icon and burn that to dvdr.

optionally, if that dont work. Do all the above (if you havent at this point), and in cdgen, after you load the LBA_List.txt file, right click on the SYSTEM.CNF and hit edit, and click the force lba box and choose 1596 for it. For the game id, force it to 1597. the game id is the the file SCUS_972.75

btw, post those links you where talkinga bout using xport, im wondering how once you get the file to the memory card, how you rename it.

while your at it, open that _RUNTHIS.BAT in notepad and take out the line of START cdgenPS2.exe cogswap.ps2 (or whatever it is exactly, this will stop cdgen from STARTing with the cogswap.ps2 config). just delete the entire line.

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