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Unhappy mine DC's on the working list

aight... mine's IS on the working list but I still can't get Shenmue II to boot. The files for each CD are pretty large already after I unrar them... (slightly over 700mb... hence the reason why I don't want to waste another 15 CD-Rs patching it to selfboot) AND as recommended in the previous threads; I'm setting Disc Juggler for overburn and yet to no avail. There has gotta be a way to do this...

Is there a such thing as a nonselfbooting CDI in Disc Juggler? Cuz these are cdi when I unrar them with WinRar 9.0. And since they don't boot up on my DC, I figured I would need a boot disk.

Evidently some of you have successfully done this sh@#%! What am I doing wrong?

Originally Posted by kaine23

Has a listing of the DC's supporting using boot-discs, etc.