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Default massive song books

I think massive song books are just off putting.

The first thing I did was to take out dupicate songs.
I (sad in the extreme) listened to every song that I had more than one version, and kept the best one in the book.
The book went from a carefully selected 12,500 songs to a carefully selected and extremely well sorted 8,200.
All the same songs are there, but its a lot easier to read and just looks better.
I still feel the book is too big!

I am thinking of taking a couple of "full books" and then some really slimmed down ones with probably the most obvious and best 1000 to 2000 songs in.
If any of the regulars want to sing anything else they will just ask me if I have it anyway. And the "passing trade" one song merchants usually want something obvious anyway.
After all, I bet most karaokes do not have more than about 500 songs sung over a couple of years even if you are doing 3 gigs a week!