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The Utopia disc should just be an image file for whichever burning app you want to use. .nrg for nero, .cdi for discjuggler, etc. Each app has a 'Burn Image' or similar menu item to just bring up a file selector and burn the whole image. There are several image file versions at megagames.

You should also check the mfg date on the bottom of your DC. Systems manufactured after Sept. 2001 need to have discs rebuilt as data-data instead of audio-data in order to boot. There are lots of tutorials around.

Finally, if the burn has no errors and the system is older than Sept. 2001, there might be some compatibility problems in burning the old image file with the latest version of the apps. So, if you want to burn the Nero image, try downloading and using an old version of Nero for the burn. Even an old trial version would work fine. You may need to remove the old version and re-install the latest version afterwards.