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Originally Posted by Noct
There is a lot of bad information here.

Also, someone said you need to create an xbox bootable disk (xbe), and [b]this is entirely not true.[/b] While that may work, I would not suggest doing it that way. First of all, the emulator may be coded to run off the drive, who knows, you may suffer a performance hit that way. Second, It can be confusing to create a bootable if you have never done it before, and since it is faster and easier to do it off the hard drive, why bother..
I didn't say that he [b]had[/b] to make an xbox bootable disc, although he asked how to get them to play from a dvd, and that is the only way to get the roms to play from a dvd. it's not harder to make an bootabgle emulator disc espeacially if you've never ftp'd anything to your xbox before, he could do it wrong, and start deleting the wrong things and end up with a paper weight. since he asked how to amke it run off of dvd, i merely gave him the answer he asked for.

1- get the emulator
2- get the roms
3- get craxtion 4, xiso, or qwix (xbox iso creators)
4- put the roms in the rom folder of the emulator
5- open up one of the iso creators
6- select make/create iso
7- select the folder where the emulator is e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\TreFacTor\Desktop\Surreal
8- burn the created iso with nero to dvd-r

8- simple easy to follow steps, if done correctly will allow him to run the emulator from dvd-r,+r,rw

unless he'd rather take a chance? or waste a dvd for trying? as many times as I had to reformat my box when I first started, I wish someone would have given me other options.