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Default wireless range extender and duplicate IP error

From what I can tell, adding a range extender to a wireless network creates the duplicate IP address errors. If you look in the system event log on your PC you should notice that in the detail of the TCP/IP event error that the conflict is coming from the MAC address of the range extender. I think what's happening on the network is that a loop is created by the PC associating with both the wireless router and extender. The only way to avoid the multiple association is if your wireless adapter driver on your PC gives you the ability to limit assiociation by MAC address. This shouldn't be problem with two access points since you can do the MAC address filtering on the AP itself. Most laptops that have built in wireless cards have a driver with this capabilty. However, most off the shelf wireless adapters don't have the MAC address filtering capability. Dlink and Linksys need to get this straight and make a better adapter driver that lets you control which AP you can connect to or enable MAC filtering on the range extender.