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Default DVD ROM not recognizing movies. HELP!!!!

OK I bought a DVD +/- RW/+/- R Dual Format 12X internal DVD rewritable drive. I installed it myself and everything was working fine a few months back but for some reasons when I would pop in a DVD some would start playing automatically and were able to be copied and burned while others would not even allow me to play it. I mean it was so annoying not even be able to open the movie and at least try to watch it.

A friend of mine has been burning every DVD in site and gave me a few programs so that I would be able to do the same. However, I have loaded a few dvd's into my DVD-rom drive and NOTHING is happening. I want to be able to burn these things and I am getting frustrated that I can not.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? My CD-Rom drive is in the bottom bay and is set to Master. My DVD-Rom drive is in the top bay and is set to slave. Is this correct???? I am hoping someone can give me some simple answer so that I can start (at the very least) being able to pop a movie in and it at least play.

As always, thanks in advance.