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Default You Don't Quit Do You, Kid.

You're the one talking the rubbish. You have no clue what you are on about with this whole subject. Its entirely up to you to chose to believe my story, no one is forcing you to believe it, but as far as actual facts go, i do own a business specifying in this area of practice. I'm positive i know more then you, all you want to do is continue arguing because kid's like you think they are in the right when in actual fact you are way of the subject. I'm using the term "kids like you" because of the childish way you continue behaving and arguing with me. You obvioulsy don't sound like an adult to me and if you are actually over the age of 18, i sugeest you should start acting your age, quick smart. Also as far as anything goes, i do not have to specify anything to back up my argument, the fact that i stated that ive owned a business and worked in this industry for over 8 years, should be all the information you need to know, and if its not, no one is forcing you to believe it, in that case just disregard the information that i was trying to pass on to a person having trouble. Not once did i mention anything about you in my first post, but you had to but in and act like the know it all. Start acting your age, Kid.