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hahaha,just take a look at yourself,getting all in a tiss,because someone has challenged your stupid comment.
worked in this industry?,whats that supposed to mean,what making a few backups on a pc,i couldnt careless how long you have been doing this,you are still wrong,why dont you just admit it,and that will be the end of it

lets see....

You have no clue what you are on about with this whole subject
well,are you still saying using those cheap disks will boot backups like the originals?

all you want to do is continue arguing because kid's like you think they are in the right when in actual fact you are way of the subject
hmm,i am way off the subject?,in what part of my information dont you agree with?

do not have to specify anything to back up my argument, the fact that i stated that ive owned a business and worked in this industry for over 8 years, should be all the information you need to know, and if its not, no one is forcing you to believe it, in that case just disregard the information that i was trying to pass on to a person having trouble.
that because you dont know jack,these are called forums,if you hadnt noticed,and if someone is giving out incorrect info,then other members are going to correct it.
you obviuosly got offended when someone questions what you say,there are people that might actually know more than you.

i say it again,but this is getting boring
all you have come back with,is a load of speel about how long you have been in business,blah blah
but nothing to backup your intial statement

i guess if you cant do that,just un-scribe from this thread,before i really embarrass you,then we will find out just what you actually know about backing up games.
just because you have done a few mode/iso/read,and a few,mode/iso/writes,onto a few cheap dvd's,dont mean you know everything.
just for infomation,i get through more than a few hunded dvd's a day,so i guess i am talking rubbish,as you so politely put it