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Default What Happened With CDI2NERO

what exactly happened when you used cdi2nero did it fail to make a nrg or did it make one and you burned it and it wouldn't boot?

if it made it and wouldn't boot then it could be the setting you burned it at allways use "Disk At Once" Not "Track At Once" Or "Disk At Once/96" there is a reason that cdi2nero make DAO images and not TAO images and also if your drive supports low burning speeds burn at 4x or lower to ensure there aren't read errors when you pop it in the dreamcast also if none of the above works and you happen to have a sony cd writer of most any model or a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-8125 or any number of other cd writers that dont support writing the small session and track that is used in the boot process you will need to get a new writer i have a old YAMAHA CRW2100E that works great for burning dreamcast games.

and also FYI you only need the boot disk for .cue .bin format releases that have a IP.BIN file on the cd