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Default Data Recovery Company Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a data Recovery Company? Like anyone who's had a hard drive crash, I don't want to trust the recovery of my image files to an inexperienced outfit. I have/had a LaCie d2 Big Disk 500GB with about 400GB of files on it. Evidently, the problem is most likely electronic, as there is a small hole burned on the control card. Some of the files are backed up, but not all, and they are all important to me.
It's my understanding that the 2 Maxtor drives inside are RAID O configured, which makes recovering the files more complicated. If it's risky to fix, then I want to use a reliable, established company.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated
If you are pretty sure it is the control board, you can do what the recovery company would probably do anyway...that is to replace the electronics.