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Default Help the sick and bored!!

Ok so here is the deal I want to play Super Nintendo and the old Playstation games on my PS2. I promise I own the physical game...the legality of this is not in question. I'm in bed at college sick with mono and I just wanna play my games on one system . Especially since my physical Snes and PS are at my house three hours away. I have read about swap magic still dont really get what it is though. I know I need things in certain formats and such like .ELF but I dont have a mod chip and dont really wanna have to buy one. Same with swap magic. I have an older PS2 (nice and chunky) a Snes Emulator meant for PS2 sitting on my comp and best of all a USB External Hard Drive. What do I need to download and do to play these backups and emulators on my ps2 from the hard drive if possible and as a side note do I need a ps1 emulator to run the iso on the PS2?? Or is that already compatible.

thanks a million to whoever can solve this question